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    Need 100 twitter accounts with 100 followers each

    Well the title says it all.
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    Need 1k hotmails forwarded asap

    Title says it all. Need them within 12 hrs. Please give me some options here, would need them regularly within every fortnight or early. Thanks.
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    Know if your computer is male or female

    Is your computer ? Male ? or ? Female ? ?? 1. Open Notepad 2. Type the following line in notepad : ... CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"I love you" 3. Save file as : computer_gender.vbs 4. Run the file ... If you hear a male voice, you have a boy ;-) If you hear a female voice...
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    Plentyoffish accounts any help appreciated

    Well the thing is I tried to create accounts at this site. Using US private proxies for the purpose with no sucess. All I am encountering are problems like these -> The password you entered is preety easy to guess. -> The username you entered is either already taken or contains some...
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    ### MySpace, Pixelpipe, SocialADR, Onlywire, Hellotxt Accounts For Sale ###

    Hey Guys, Well this is my first ever service thread on BHW, so i just want to give you guys the maximum i can with the best quality. I have a team with me with whom i provide many services on various forums and this is my first time here. I manly provide MySpace, Pixelpipe, Hellotxt...
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    seeking some myspace advice

    well i hav been looking up to myspace for a very long time,but peaple around here say that it had been saturated .I know myspace is very gud for ewhoring. wat i seek here is do this traffic convert to CPA or adsense.i hav been a creator of myspace accounts for long and now i want to use those...