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    Here is my complete SEO checklist that I use to rank new websites

    Amazing checklist! Well done!
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    Welcome to the community! :)
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    Hello, I am about to create an account with Fiverr soon. Could you PM me please details of your service? Is it safe to buy reviews with a very new account? Thanks!
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    301 Redirect Will Penalty a Site?

    I connected several expired domains to my website about a year ago. All the metrics went up within around a month after the redirection. But overall, I wouldn't say it skyrockets the performance of my website. A little boost was noticeable though.
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    Thanks you for this results

    Congrats! Great results! What bot are you using? I use FollowingLike but there are lots of problems with it. Would like to switch to something better. Thanks!
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    96 GB VPS free for EVERYONE

    I'll take a look deeper for sure! Thank you!
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    96 GB VPS free for EVERYONE

    That's great! Gust created a free account :) Thank you so much for the info! QUESTION: seems I can't deploy a Windows application with my free account can I ? Thanks!
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    What is "acceptable" price for a backlink from

    Nowadays everything goes to the roof in terms of the price. I voted $1000-$2000 But I wouldn't buy for that price :anyway:
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    Wordai > Quilbot > Quetext for money sites?

    Is anyone have a successful experience with Rytr? Just started working with this service. So far it's looking good. Used to try Article Forge - don't like it. I Hope AI would perform better than just rewriters.
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    Domain Authority vs Page Authority

    DA is what you should pay attention to, BUT I wouldn't rely on MOZ metrix only (at least it dosen't work for me). You can take a look on TF from Majestic and DR from Ahrefs (what was mentioned above). BTW, peaple say that DR gives more relieble results. Good luck!
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    My Journey On YouTube Shorts

    Are you reposting media from TikTok? Maybe Youtube recognizes those videos somehow and that causes the problem with views :confused: Hope the situation will be changed for a good! All the best with your journey!
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    SEO strategy: republish same article or unique everywhere

    I am interested. Is it normal in Google's perspective to have the same articles in different places? I thought that in this case, the article will not be unique. Thanks.
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    Merry Christmas for everyone!!

    Merry Christmas! ;)
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    Would You Kill 100 Dogs To Save One Human Or Kill One Human To Save One Dog?

    Survival instincts tell me that in a real situation there are about 99% of human beings would kill 100% of dogs in certain circumstances :anyway: Cheers!
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    Newbie trick!

    That's interesting) Thanks for sharing!
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    Share Your Experiences With AI Content - I Think It's Outstanding.

    What about Rytr? Just generated an article. Overall not so bad for AI but it's not enough credits to fully estimate a quality with their free account. Don't think it will be better than Jarvis though.