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    Google f*cking up my titles (cannibalization)

    For one of my Local SEO sites, Google's "helping" by selecting their own title. It current reads: "Service in Area - Company Name - Main KW" For a contact us, and previous work page. I'm trying to rank "Main KW" for my homepage, so now all three of these pages are competing for the same KW...
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    Posts indexed, but not ranking for any keywords

    Anyone else having this problem? When checking in GSC or, my posts are indexed. But in GSC, Ahrefs or Semrush they aren't ranking for any keywords. About 3 months old. Any ideas? DR 35 domain, healthy link profile, 11 months old, VPS hosting, HTTPS
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    Stock photo watermark remover?

    Does anyone know of a tool that removes stock photo watermarks, without making the quality terrible? I've already tried: Both of the above make the photo quality terrible
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    Proton Mail users, thoughts?

    For those of you who use ProtonMail, what's it like? Thinking of making the switch from Gmail, thanks to @bartosimpsonio
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    Googles preference towards long form content is annoying

    Agree or disagree? I've just tried to search for the best way to 301 redirect a domains http, http www to https non www without double redirects. I don't need to know what a 301 redirect is, the history of 301 redirects, or why they're important for SEO. All I want is the code for Nginx...
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    Is a true residential proxy possible?

    Wanted to hear opinions on the forum about residential proxies. When buying from networks that claim to have millions of residential proxies, is this actually true? I'm looking for fixed IP proxies, not interested in rotating proxies. Wondering if what's advertised is legit.
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    Is Google indexing your URLs?

    I've had a new blog post written and published for 5 days, and have attempted to index via GSC. Content is unique, website age is 5 months, All of my other posts are indexed, and usually when I first publish they are indexed within a few hours via GSC. Is this happening to anyone else?
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    Interlinking buyers guides

    I'm currently planning out a new affiliate site, and want to correctly build out my Silos and plan interlinking (shoutout @royserpa). What is the best way to interlink buyers guides within the same silo? Do I link between each guide within the text? At the bottom have a link to 3 other guides...
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    Online services that steal usage rights?

    Hello, I'm trying to find examples of sites that assume usage/copy rights of content used via their services. For example: PDF converters, Image editors, Spell check, Grammar check. Do you know any services that do this?
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    Outranking PC Gamer?

    A 6k/Mo search term is topped by PC Gamer and IGN. Wondering if any of you affiliates have managed to outrank them, or if I'm just wasting my time.
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    Possible to recover from PBN usage?

    If I were to recieve a manual penalty for using low quality PBNs, is it possible to recover the site? Assuming the site is legitimate, and I removed all of the PBN links. Then applied for reconsideration.
  12. Bread

    Location pages are canonical

    Hello, I have two location pages, one being my homepage and the other being /location-1/. I've used the same page and text for /location-1/, just changing out the terms to suit my new location page. /location-1/ in GWT is shown as not indexed, as it's a canonical of my homepage (main location...
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    How to find domain owner?

    Hey, I've found a domain that was used by a legitimate business, but is no longer in use. Got quite nice metrics and I'd like to buy... but I can't find who owns it at all. So far I've tried: Linkedin Domain Agents (Pay them $20 and they'll try and get in contact with the domain owner)...
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    What email solution do you use for outreach?

    Hello, I'm currently using Gsuite and Mailshake for my outreach, however I was wondering if there's a better solution. What do you use?
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    99Designs - thoughts?

    Hello, I want to get a landing page designed, and it needs to look the part - want to use this as a main piece of linkbait for a website. Looking at using something like 99Designs so I can get a range of designs. Has anyone used them before? My issue is: I don't know where else to turn for...
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    Getting a piece of linkbait designed and developed

    Hello, I have an idea for a piece of linkbait on my site, involving a custom page in wordpress being designed. My theme doesn't have any page builders...etc to use. I was wondering how I could go about getting this developed and live on my site?
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    Buying an auction domain?

    Hello, I'm on the hunt for an auction domain or even an existing site if it has decent metrics. My main priority is links, then brandability. .com only. Is GoDaddy the best place to look for this? I have a budget of $1500
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    Recommended email outreach program?

    Hello, Looking to scale up my email outreach, I currently use Gsuite. Mailshake? I heard this tanks the sending reputation of the domain fast - true?
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    Emailing guest posting opportunities

    Hello, I was wondering what setups you guys use to email potential guest posting opportunities?
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    Lowest pagespeed on one of my sites

    I don't usually create threads, but surprisingly using WP I've managed to achieve these results: Never seen GTMetrix display ms before, what's your quickest site?