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    I will double or triple your ehow earnings

    When you go to your eHow stats page, click the arrow at the top above the dollar amount column. It will sort it for you from highest earning to lowest and vice versa. I started increasing my earnings by getting backlinks to the low competition kw articles. Need to get about 5 to 10 quality...
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    Bukisa Now Adsense Sharing Site

    Well, I'm screwed because my adsense account was banned for life. I've tried getting another one several times but it never works out. I deleted all my 300 articles off of there when I was pissed after getting the notice.
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    Made $30 on two articles today

    Check your traffic if you're getting lower AC offers. They're really focusing on a bump up in traffic for upcoming months. January took a big plunge in overall traffic to the site. I've noticed that if my traffic starts to dwindle, the offers begin to lower as well. Currently, my offers are the...
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    AC article payment dropped to $2... how can I get it back up to near $4?

    I've been experimenting for the past several months. At first, it's your initial clout level that affects pay. However, they look at your last 30 days the most. You can be clout level 7 and have poor traffic the past 30 days, resulting in lower offers. Whether you're clout 4 or clout 10, if you...
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    What to do with 300 articles?

    Rewrite instructional ones in step by step instructions. Submit to eHow. Put a link in the resources/references box to your site. After you have 5 or more on eHow, in the related articles.. manually type in your titles and select them. Those will go in the side box on the eHow article page...
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    need help about EHOW

    The trick for eHow is to get together about 10 articles in the same niche. Repeat. At the bottom of your eHow put 3 to 5 of those article links. Then on the related articles (just before your reference area one) manually type in the exact name of titles you already have posted. This will then...
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    A very important thing about AC articles

    Don't use PLR articles. The same articles have probably been rewritten a million times. Go for quality content to either rewrite yourself, come up with topic ideas or to give to your rewriters. You'll end up with higher offers and fewer rejects
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    AC article payment dropped to $2... how can I get it back up to near $4?

    Submit more articles you know won't be rejected. Get the ratio of non-rejected articles back up and the pvs up. Hope that helps.
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    Made $30 on two articles today

    @Redtide -- You lifted my spirits when I was ready to toss in the towel. You're a wonderful person. TY for all your time, dedication and positive inspiration. You've changed many lives for the better. :)
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    Upcoming AOL site for Freelancers? Plus insult to AC...

    Seed can accept multiple articles on the same title. IE If the article pays $10 and they accept 10 people, everyone gets a buck. The minimum payout is $10 for the PREVIOUS month's work. They pay monthly. According to W A H M forum people have been paid. The acceptance rate seems to be around...
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    Need Article Ideas For AC? Try This.

    Sorry about the confusion and my rudeness. [blush] I re-read it better and the wordtracker is great! Excuse my sour mood moment. I'm glad you started this thread. It's been very helpful. :prof01:
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    Resource for articles

    After you sign up with them... wait about an hour.. then go to my account, cancel the membership... they offer you a 30 Day free trial.. instead of 7.. gives you plenty of time to scrape and store. :-) Most of the articles I'm finding are newspapers. Not sure yet how well this is going to work...
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    Made $30 on two articles today

    My offers haven't varied whether I use 1% or 20% SEO. The only BIG difference I noticed is the keyword should be in the first sentence of the first paragraph and the conclusion paragraph. My articles with the keyword used there get higher offers. Also, my articles with a conclusion paragraph...
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    Article Writing Templates

    For your writing, just make yourself an easy to follow template each time you do a different type of article. Save them all in one folder. Then you have what you use the most, are most familiar with and don't have to pay any money. Combine this with DNS and you can write articles in about 15...
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    Need Article Ideas For AC? Try This.

    This is all been covered in the $30 thread. :-)
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    Need to get into demand studios

    Send the samples as an attachment. I got in with nothing on the web. They look closest at your sample and then the resume. They changed the rules and no references from .net sites. Use .gov or .edu for your samples.
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    Need to get into demand studios

    Write 2 really good sample articles that are in the how to format. Review 'contributor' articles on ehow. Include 2 reputable resources at the bottom of your samples. Write a bang up resume with your writing editorials for your local paper... a book review for your local library and of course...
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    AC End of the Month Offers

    i'mwaiting til monday to go back to work lol stuffed like red lol
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    AC how to keep writing original articles without running out of ideas?

    the way that I handle lots of unique content is to write down a keyword on one sheet of paper and then do this with 5 to a dozen keywords all on separate pieces of paper. then I tried to think up a title for each page. I repeat this until I have around five or more titles on each page. Usually...