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    Facebook App Rater

    Hi, I need someone who can rate my facebook app in the appcenter (not the fanpage. For example: ). To rate fb apps you have to "play" them for a few seconds and after that you can rate them under...
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    Reviews - fake real devices?

    Hi, I tried to post fake reviews on play store with different emulators (bluestack, genymotion). But I never found a way how to fake different devices for google. At my playstore dev account I see always the same device type at the reviews. So do you know a way to fake the device type for...
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    $8/hour - Create Webhosting Accounts

    Hi, I need someone who creates free webhosting accounts and send me the ftp login datas. It take about 5 minutes to create one account, so i pay $8 per 12 accounts via paypal. You have to search for free webhosting provider. If you are interested, send me a message. Thank you.
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    Cheap translation service?

    Hello, I have to translate a website from german to english. But I can't find a cheap translation service. The services I found, costs more than to let write a new article in english. So do you know a cheap translation service? The quality hasn't to be professionel. Thanks for your answers.
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    Java expert and spanish speaking?

    Hi, we need few people for a project a who are java experts and speak spanish. You have to create about 3 posts per day in a forum to animate/revirte it. This means only a little work per day (about 10 minutes) and you will get $25/month via paypal. If you are interested, write a pm or your...
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    Automate select file dialog - Webbrowser

    Hello, I want to automate a website with the webbrowser control(.net) where I have to upload a file. This is the input element where I want to add the path: <input class="file" id="file" name="file" type="file" /> SetAttribute or InnerText don't work. I read that this is because of security...
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    Youtube Bulk Uploader

    Hi! I released my tool "Youtube Bulk Uploader" for free. Description: Youtube Bulk Uploader is a great tool, to upload an unlimited amount of videos to youtube. You can rotate between accounts, developer keys and description. So it is very helpful to generate easy many "unique" youtube videos...
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    .Net HttpRequest Post Class - $30

    Hello! I need someone who can code a HttpRequest class for Posting. Of course not a simple one: I need a class which can handle complicate formulars, where you have to handle redirects, "set cookies" etc. There are other complicated things, but I dont know what to do, thats the reason why i...
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    Send 100 mails

    Hello! I need someone who can send(inbox) about 100 mails to my own adress list with my message. If you are interested, write me a pm with a price. Thanks and greetings!
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    Tool marketing

    Hello, i created different tools and now i want to sell them. But my problem is that i am not an active member at many blackhat communitys so i need someone who can promote the tools, because most of them are only for bh people helpful. You can promote the tools as your own and you can buy...
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    Where to sell Black Hat Tools?

    Hello everyone! I made a script tool how iMacros or Ubot and now I want to sell it. But i don't know where i can sell black hat tools. So please help me. :) Thanks and greetings, Kuranyi
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    Fill out forms on youtube (problem with javascript)

    Hello, i want to write a small tool with which can leave comments on youtube videos. I use the webbrowser solution to navigate. But the problem is, that i don't know how to fill out a form on a youtube video, because everything needs javascript. For example i want to fill out the...