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    New Google Vanity URLs.. will it ruin my backlinks????

    In some ways, yes. In the past I've build links towards our Google+ page and its helped our profile show up in outside service areas (where we are not featured in the 7 pack). It's worked quite well actually. In most outside service areas we have our webpage ranking in the top three and some...
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    New Google Vanity URLs.. will it ruin my backlinks????

    Not much except it's easier to tell customers about our page (we're a service business). I'm just worried all our past link work involving the old URL will be lost? I assume they 301 direct to the vanity URL but will this change for a more permanent solution in the future? Maybe someone out...
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    New Google Vanity URLs.. will it ruin my backlinks????

    Should I get the new google vanity URL that is being offered to me. I have built many MANY backlinks to the current URL and don't know enough (SEO noob). Will all my backlinks still be valid and passing juice? Do I have anything to worry about? Thanks guys! Love this site..:cool:
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    Local SEO microdata schema - Does it help?

    I use schema on several of my pages to insert reviews.. the review rating will show up on the SERPs and results in more clicks. The real question I have is using the local business schema. I have the schema inserted on my homepage for our headquarters location. It should be helping Google...
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    Keyword Stuffing still exists?

    A local plumbing company seems to have a hold on the market. They have the #1 ranked spot for almost all town names in the area. They have a fairly big seo operation going on I think. My question is, on each town/service page (aimed at keyword "town name plumber"). They have a massive list of...
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    Put "Lion's Mane" order in. Current rankings: K1 - Not in top 100 K2 - #9 K3 - #33 Will report results..
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    How do I host Tier 1 links under different IPs?

    Ok guys, I've very new here. I want to start building my own collection of Tier 1 backlinks... my question is how do I host them under different IP addresses? I have HidemyAss VPN and use it for various programs such as SeNuke, etc. Can I use that to host them? If so, how? Just a little...
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    Building links to citation sites ?

    I could be wrong, as I'm nowhere near as experienced as some of the people on here.. but since doing this my main site rankings have improved as well. I've backlinked to tons of citations, all the very relevant ones at least.
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    Why can't I get my site to show up on the local 7 pack?

    How long has it been since you've applied for your Google + listing? I lost my organic page 1 listing as soon as I appear in the 7 pack. Although, you may be able to get both if you point your Google + to a sub page. Not sure about recent changes, but back when I was trying to get into the 7...
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    Yelp backlinks

    Yelp pages were very easy for me to rank. Not sure if it is for everyone just my experience. It's taking tons of back links and hasn't been deindexed just sits right on page one. It's a great help if you're a local company. Just make sure you have TONS of positive reviews before you jump it up...
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    Someone found a way to get a Google Local listing anywhere in the USA

    Google is wayy too on top of this nonsense. I had multiple listings for a long time. Thing is Google investigates this regularly. I had to inform all my receptionists on exactly what to say if they called to investigate a listing. They will not tell you it's Google, but you can tell its them by...
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    Building links to citation sites ?

    I actually do this with great success. I have a local home services business and we build tons of links to our Yelp!, Angie's List, Yahoo Local, and Google + page. Our main page has solid SEO and ranks above them for our main keywords. There are keywords however that we haven't yet "attacked"...