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    The Key to Productivity and Success

    This morning I read a post by one of the members on this forum suffering from a "burn out" and I came across this phenomenal TED Talk that truly provides you with motivation to have a more positive attitude towards your work and reaching your goals. The talk is really refreshing and it works on...
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    Logo Design Required Urgently

    Hey everyone, I urgently need a logo designed for a meeting. It is required that you should be willing to undergo some revisions throughout the process. I am going to need a couple of initial drafts/options of the logo completed by Friday before we create the final revision. The logo should be...
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    Need help deciding which website to build

    Hey everyone I found an exact match keyword with 1000 monthly GLOBAL searches and I wanted to monetize this by creating a website for it. I want to create a single page website with an article on it so would you recommend I build my own site (ie a .com and hosting) or just stick to sites like...
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    Please help guide me with this quick question

    Hey everyone, I made the mistake of building too many backlinks too fast and to be honest they were not the best of quality either. As a result my website fell off the SERP rankings yesterday from positions like #87 and #122 to no where. Please tell me if I should let the website sit for a week...
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    Backlinking Question

    Hey guys I've been building backlinks to my site for about 5-6 days now and all my back links have been indexed in Ggle however my backlinks aren't being counted in the Ggle webmasters tool or any backlink checking site, they simply say I have 0 backlinks which is definitely false. Does anyone...
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    CB Site Popularity

    Hey Guys, I want to start promoting CB products on my blog but I was wondering how many views should I be getting before promoting CB products on my blog? Thanks :)
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    CPA Question

    Hello BHW, Do all GOOD CPA require us to fill out the w-9 form? If not, please state their names. -Howlinghawk
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    WP-o-Matic with wordpress 2.8

    Hey guys, I have a quick question: The plugin page for WP-o-Matic says it supports WP blogs up to 2.6 but have any of you guys used it on 2.8? Thanks.
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    Most requested Black Hat software

    Hello everyone, I am a software developer and a security expert. I've been looking around these forums for quite a while and I have learned quite a bit. It is apparent that a lot of members here are in need of certain softwares to automate their black hat methods. Please post a peice of...