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    Youtube Ads - Best Format?

    Anyone got any tips or advice concerning the most effective way to advertise on Youtube? Display vs Overlay vs Video vs Cards - which work best? How do they compare CPC? If you find high traffic videos that have the audience that you want, what's the best way to get their attention? (Asking...
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    Where's the best place to get reliable risk info (not hype) on new DeFi opportunities?

    Looking at and it seems way too good to be true - and you know what they say about that.
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    Using Scrapebox To Make Money

    I just discovered my old licence to Scrapebox - haven't used it in 5 years, so reinstalled it and got it going again. Wow - had forgotten how great it was! ANYWAY - any suggestions on how to monetize this fantastic tool? I can see it would useful to scrape auto-approve blogs . Just wondering if...
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    Insights on Virality

    I came across this article today and think it has relevance to this community: How so? Because it demonstrates mathematically that memes, and in this...
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    Backlinking Youtube Videos

    Does anyone have any suggestions on effective ways to help Youtube videos to rank on Google, once they're doing well on Youtube? Does blasting low quality links still work, or do you have to be more discriminating?
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    Big Ticket Sales On Instagram?

    I came across a method in BuySellMethods the other day - I won't post the link because I'm not promoting it, but it claims to show a way of generating big ticket ($700 - $1000) sales using Instagram. It claims to generate these sales without bots, spamming, SMM services, and advertising - and it...
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    This has gotta be useful for SOMETHING..!

    Hi - I'm a newbie, but came across something really interesting about UK eBay that doesn't exist on US eBay AFAIK, and that is that all eBay businesses have contact details on their listing at the bottom. (Maybe everyone on this forum already knows this, but it was a revelation to me.) Many...
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    Moviestorm iPad app for animated videos

    I came across this recently - it's a great little app that allows you to make lip syncd video animations - a bit different from the standard webcam type of video, especially if you're shy and don't want to appear on camera. You can configure your avatar very easily, but it only works on iPads...
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    Newbie having problems getting a video ranked

    I am a newbie trying to get my YouTube video ranked which advertises my money site (because I've read that's easier than getting a website ranked) and not having much success - wondering what's going on. Maybe someone has some ideas..? I researched keywords, and found a pair of keywords...