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    Any good followliker settings

    I just want to get about 100-300 followers a day, I am only achieving 50 followers a day
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    Need a Instagram bot for hashtags rotating

    Hello I am looking for someone to make me a instagram bot that can rotate hashtags on different posts of my choosing. Instagram only allows 30 hashtags per post but I want to rotate my list of hashtags that I have every few seconds.
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    Any good followliker settings

    yes those are my settings, I guess I am doing it wrong?
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    Any good followliker settings

    I use followliker to increase my followers, but they drip in so slowly for me. I want to at least get 500 to 1000 new followers daily. Its only giving me 50 followers a day, I set it to follow 6500 followers daily of course it doesnt get that far in 24 hours and I have the time delayed by 15-25...
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    Looking for face book auto tagging clickjacker

    I am looking for a script or software that can auto tag all of the users facebook friends when they click a link that is posted without them knowing.