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    need elite french proxies

    I need elite, anonymous, dedicated french proxies which can withstand all kinds of abuse. Price doesn't matter. I also need french phone number supplier. I will use these for some blackhatting. If you can provide these services or you know someone who can please reply to this thread or PM me...
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    when to stop building links ?

    Hi, My website is ranking well for the selected keyword (page 1 of G) and I am making decent money with it. My question is should I stop building links or build slower ? My website is not number 1 but I don't think I will ever make it to number one no matter what I do. The number one spot is...
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    G Webmasters tools and backlinks

    Hi, I wonder one thing. On g webmaster tools I have 1075 backlinks. When I type in G link:mywebsite.c0m I have 7 links. I wonder why is the difference. What do you guys think ? My backlinks are a mix of whitehat/blackhat methods. On Yah00 site explorer I have 2000+ backlinks.