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    Instagram Email Scraper

    Looking for a developer that can code an IG email scraper. DM if you can built.
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    Freenom Alternative?

    For some reason freenom isn't working for me, anyone knows an alternative for freenom?
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    If you have a list of FB pages?

    If you got a list of FB pages for businesses how would you go about promoting your service to them?
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    Looking for developer for IG

    Looking for a developer that can build an IG scraper that I can load a list of usernames in and the bot scrapes data off the profiles. The scraper needs to be able to scrape both bio and business emails amoung other data. Let me know if this is something you can do.
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    What is your experience with Solo Ads?

    Anyone tried to build an email list and promote affiliate offers using solo ads and managed to make it work?
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    someone sent me this email...

    Hello BHW I just I recieved an email from someone claiming my site has copyright images and if I don't remove them they will file a lawsuit under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and may be fined upto to $150,000. It was sent from a @yahoo email and when I tried to reply to the email it...
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    What Payment Method You Use For Your Agency?

    Agency owners, what payment method do you use to charge your clients especially for retainer? And do you send any contracts to your client to sign?