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  1. minniemouse

    Christmas Giveaway

    Count me in, thank you very much!
  2. minniemouse

    [GET FREE] My Wayback Machine Tools - Search, Site Scanner, Domain Auditor and Bulk Page Text Extractor

    These wonder tools like not working anymore, any alternative?
  3. minniemouse

    Anyone experiencing Mega download very slow?

    Is it just my country or everywhere? Suddenly the download very very slow for Mega, I checked with my friends here, all facing the same issue for the past 1 week... Not sure if this is Mega's issue or purposely make it that way...
  4. minniemouse

    How to make a passive income from home ?

    First you need to understand your strength, identify what you can do and what you like to do. Choose something simple to start with if you are not too technical. What @jstover77 advised is true, tons of info in this forum, you can read those "journey" to see how people make money. Good luck :)
  5. minniemouse

    I'm new here Hello

    Welcome to BHW!
  6. minniemouse

    Country is charging tax on Facebook ads

    That is the government of that country's directive, it not only charge on FB ads but all digital ads. So we have no choice to pay.
  7. minniemouse

    How important is it a nice eye-catching thumbnail?

    Very important. I normally get attracted by thumbnail first, then only the title. Most of the time they have some messages on the thumbnail that strike my attention.
  8. minniemouse

    Any one interested ?

    So nice of you! Pleas help me do one.....
  9. minniemouse

    How to verify BM?

    At which marketplace we can buy verified BMs ?
  10. minniemouse

    Any one interested ?

    You can sell Shout-Out post as one way to make some money. Provide review copy for us to do shout-out test?
  11. minniemouse

    Who has the most legit Facebook comments?

    I normally run giveaways to inspire people to leave comments and add on with FB ads. But I guess you want to buy from those people who sell comments right?
  12. minniemouse scam or not?

    Wow, this software looks nice, please let me know if it works!
  13. minniemouse

    [This Book is pure Gold!] Who knows similar books as "The 12 Month Millionaire by Vincent James"

    I just downloaded the book for Free in Scribd, really a nice book! Thanks for informing.
  14. minniemouse

    Similar to Microworkers

    Timebucks! Since the offer has over, I put in $20 to do a test. Setup is simple and approval is fast. The service is very good, I'm gonna use this system more. It is really much better than other microworkers sites. Congratulations to @webguy2000 for launching this wonderful service on BHW!
  15. minniemouse

    Will Telegram taking 1st place over whatsapp?

    It is tough to adapt to a new layout, all the friends still chatting on Whatsapp
  16. minniemouse

    What Will You Do in This Situation?

    OMG, is this some kind of a joke? What on earth people is doing that, unbelievable! Where you got this?
  17. minniemouse

    What to do in your free time to get more traffic?

    Join BHW Jr VIP club and place a banner in your signature. Then make sure you do more sharing and be active in the forum during free time...
  18. minniemouse

    Landing pages

    I don't have coding experience nor designing skill, so I normally just use those landing pages creator with templates eg Wishpond, Groovefunnel and SwipePages. I love Swipepages now as it loads super fast.