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  1. YuvrajThapa

    Daily Crypto & NFT News

    BTC has gone down again for the second time. Experts are saying it may go down to $17k, But who know what is going to happen? What's your opinion in it? Thanks!
  2. YuvrajThapa

    Whats your thought on Zilliqa?

    yes I was considering matic and cardana also.
  3. YuvrajThapa

    Whats your thought on Zilliqa?

    No I am not into other platform yet, I just staked Ziliqa in Cex as it had some kinda offer in it. How about you? are you in any other ?? Thanks!
  4. YuvrajThapa

    Whats your thought on Zilliqa?

    I am also staking in it for few bucks! lets hope for the best!
  5. YuvrajThapa

    Just bought $2000 worth of MATIC

    Wow! sounds cool! I would also need to research on Polygon Matic then. Thanks a lot for your confirmation!
  6. YuvrajThapa

    Just bought $2000 worth of MATIC

    MATIC is a good choice to go. I also feel like to invest in it. What do you think about SOL and Cardano (ADA)?
  7. YuvrajThapa

    Best option to withdraw FIAT to Bank account

    I think the same way applies on all field. Thanks a lot for such a great advice on managing assets. I highly appreciate it!
  8. YuvrajThapa

    The most overrated tools (don’t waste your money)

    Thanks a lot buddy for opening an eyes on such SEO tools. All in all I think Ahrefs would be the best for overall SEO work.
  9. YuvrajThapa

    Alternative Tools for SEOprofiler

    WebCEO and Cognitive SEO seems like a kinda all in one tools apart from others. As far your experience which would be best for all in SEO? WebCEO or Cognitive SEO?
  10. YuvrajThapa

    Alternative Tools for SEOprofiler

    Hello there friends! I am looking for an alternative tools for SEOprofiler as I don't think it is doing the best regarding other tools on market. So I would like to know the alternative SEO tools. Thanks!
  11. YuvrajThapa

    How to buy Cyrpto with Payoneer balance?

    Without Card, I don't think you will be able to buy crypto. Its better to request for the card. Thanks!
  12. YuvrajThapa

    -->Adsense & Amazon Sites That Rank!<-- Up To 30k Words, Easy Keywords, Hosting & Monthly Content!

    Hey there Francis! I am thinking of doing a next project more specific to my Niche. Let me see some latest samples of your work. Thanks!
  13. YuvrajThapa

    Do NOT start a website (project) without this: Budgeting and Expense Tracking Template

    Wow! I have really been looking such kind of template inorder to scale up my site, which let me keeps record of everything. Thanks a lot for this great share! Keep it up posting such wonderful stuffs!!!
  14. YuvrajThapa

    [CASE STUDY] Scaling Affiliate Website from $50 to +$300 in 6-months using BHW SERVICE

    I am following your journey bro as you are using BHW service to scale your site. Best of luck on your journey!!!
  15. YuvrajThapa

    Starts at $7 Low Competition Long Tail Keyword Research| Pillar/Cluster Strategy |No Competition| Linkable Content

    Here is my honest review of this service. I was offered a free review copy of this keyword research service by the seller. The communication were very professional and friendly. Seller used to answer my question honestly. I just gave a broad niche idea on tech niche and he really did find me a...