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  1. BlackSEOWizard

    CAPTCHA SNIPER Your Auto Captcha Solving Software!

    It is in the mediafile link he provided. On a side note, I am getting a lot of crashing with the kit, just clicking some of the samples causes it to crash, or trying to create new ones. I will take screenshots when I have a minute to play with it more.
  2. BlackSEOWizard

    Comparisons between ScrapeJet and NHSEO

    I agree, anything related to Scapebox, she has been outstanding. I have contacted her a few times and got very helpful responses very quickly. Scrapeboard though has been a big disappointment. The only reason I bought it was because of scrapebox's track record.
  3. BlackSEOWizard - PR Network of Homepage Links, Articles - Rank FAST!

    It was a crappy network before it even got targeted. It was extremely easy to footprint and take down due to the lack of planning and short cuts taken.
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    Put your proxy service in my signature.

    In what world do you think private proxies don't cost money? Really want what your smoking.
  5. BlackSEOWizard

    Put your proxy service in my signature.

    I'm guessing people won't be jumping on this offer. But I got the popcorn.
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    Well it kind of is their fault, they ran the network for a long time on a single server with very little IP diversity. They claim this was 'for testing only' but it doesn't take long to footprint a public network of 4000 blogs on one or two class C's. By the time they changed it, it was far...
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    How to create and maintain a blog network?

    Quick, I think your brain just farted.
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    And there is a the elephant in the room...
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    [HELP] Regex ... regular expression really is my nemisis!

    As for learning RegEX, I would recommend the O'Reilly book and getting RegEX Buddy. Both are invaluable, but still most people are never very good at RegEX that attempt to learn it.
  10. BlackSEOWizard

    [HELP] Regex ... regular expression really is my nemisis!

    Give this a try, should solve your problem. (\d{2}\s\w{3}\s\d{2})(</p>) You want to grab $1
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    Screwed on Freelancer

    Yeah, it highly depends on who you get with them. They are awful to deal with, it's like they have no authority to report to so they can get away with anything they want.
  12. BlackSEOWizard

    Screwed on Freelancer

    Nah, that's not true. I've reverse many transactions due to services not being rendered. One was for $6,000 as well. I just don't think it will work against Freelancer as they are not providing the service, if I put it on my Amex, they would have done it.
  13. BlackSEOWizard

    Screwed on Freelancer

    It's been a while, he already got the money, I am just hoping to get the money back and send his account negative at Freelancer. I will also being leaving feedback that he stole the idea and frauded us.
  14. BlackSEOWizard

    Screwed on Freelancer

    I was going to file a chargeback via PayPal, but I don't have much hope for that. Trying to get a response from the developer, but they are pretty much ignoring me as I told them how I felt about them taking so long and not fixing the issues.
  15. BlackSEOWizard

    Screwed on Freelancer

    PayPal is the only method. I talked with them on Live Chat, they said once funds are released via Milestone payment, they can't/won't do anything.
  16. BlackSEOWizard

    Screwed on Freelancer

    Someone screwed me over on a project on Freelancer for a good amount of money. Anyone know if a charge back against Freelancer would work? I contacted Freelancer but they won't do anything that has been released as a milestone payment.
  17. BlackSEOWizard

    I have a drug test in 4 days HELP!!!

    You can cut your prick off, you won't be able to do a drug test then, and you will have plenty of time before they would require a new test.
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    ** LinkScore** Analyze The Number of Deleted URLs In Any Link Report, Class-C IPs, Domains

    Is this software or a service? It looks like a service, but then I see you mentioned enter your decaptcha information. Are all the queries done on your end or ours?