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  1. Sempix

    [Giveaway] 16k Global Search, 0 difficulty, Fitness niche keyword!

    Just found this keyword on Ahrefs: Again, this keyword is in the Fitness niche. The keyword can't really be monetized, hence why I'm giving it away :D If you would like to know this keyword, comment why I should give you the keyword. The person with the best reason will get the keyword!
  2. Sempix

    What in the world does this email response from InstaGram mean?

    I've sent a picture of myself with code and everything so they would unban my account. For some reason, I keep receiving this response. Does anyone know what this means?
  3. Sempix

    [GIVEAWAY] Free 100 Instagram Likes

    I have about 20k likes available at my disposal. Post a comment below and PM me the link to your Instagram post and I'll add the 100 likes:):) (All likes will be sent through Gramblr)
  4. Sempix

    Is there any way to verify the age of an instagram account?

    Just like the title says, I'm looking for a way to verify the age of instagram account that I buy online.
  5. Sempix

    Any alternatives to accs123?

    Like the title says, I'm looking for an alternative to buy (in my case) aged Instagram accounts, older than 8 months and with a paying method other than bitcoin. Thanks in advance
  6. Sempix

    What would you do with 1000$ to spend?

    What would you buy if you had a 1000$ on your PayPal account? What tools would you buy? What services would you use? I just started out with a Micro niche website and I'm trying to figure out what the best tools/services are that I should purchase. Btw Is it recommended to buy content or just...
  7. Sempix

    My journey to knowledge

    So, I've been lurking around on BHW for quite some time now. Even though I haven't posted many comments or anything, I have read loads of threads and tried to learn something from it. Disclaimer: I'm from The Netherlands, so I'm not a native English speaker. Currently 17 years young, which means...
  8. Sempix


    Found this forum when searching for alternative ways to generate income by using affiliate programs. I already saw some cool posts in the ''My journey'' section and will maybe start doing a journey myself. For now, I started using the affiliate program on G2A, about 4 weeks ago because the...