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  1. wallofiron

    Any tool to check Site Gender Stats?

    I used to use the free version of Alexa some years ago but doesn't work for me now. Trying to see various website stats in terms of male vs female visitors. Any free online tool to view these stats? Similarweb and Alexa don't show these any more :-( Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. wallofiron

    BRAND New - Groundbreaking - ClickBank Weight Loss Offer To Make You Money In 2019!!

    Get Ready To $$ CRUSH $$ !! Start your testing now to go full force in January 2019 when everyone runs to start their New Years resolutions and diets! We just put up on ClickBank just days ago... A brand new Diet/Weight Loss offer by a REAL fitness model, figure competitor and certified...
  3. wallofiron

    Running own traffic vs Affiliates

    You have a digital info product you created. You HAVE to pick one method..... (for this scenario) You can either keep all the media buying/PPC in house and not use affiliates or Go to a main source of traffic via affiliate/CPA networks Pros/Cons ? -- why would someone choose to run their...
  4. wallofiron

    Vendor: Why CPA network?

    As a vendor.. what's the advantage of using a CPA network rather than simply getting your affiliates to promote via something like ClickBank?
  5. wallofiron

    !!Please Help: My OWN Facebook account keeps getting hacked!!

    At least once a week my own personal facebook account gets logged out of fb.... 2 minutes later I get an email saying that "someone has tried to access your account" please verify your identity to get back to using FB The email comes from Facebook (not a phishing email) and I am definitely...
  6. wallofiron

    Is it possible to get emails from another FB group or page?

    I have a direct competitor whose audience I would like to target via FB ads. Is there any way, service or tool to scrape either first/last name and/or email from their Facebook Group fans or page followers? Does a service like this even exist? On BHW? Thanks!
  7. wallofiron

    Switched HTTP to HTTPS now site tanked in rankings

    Have an 11 year old site that for the last 10 years has ranked #1-5 for our all our keywords. I made the switch to HTTPS since I read that Google was going to favor secure sites of non-secure. Since I did that the site has completely fallen apart as all backlinks over the last 10 years were to...
  8. wallofiron

    Is there a master list of places I can pay/run ads to recruit affiliates?

    I'm a digital product vendor looking to pay for listings/ads to acquire affiliates. Is there some master list of where someone can place ads to recruit affiliates? thanks!
  9. wallofiron

    ClickBank Vendor - multiple landing pages?

    You're a ClickBank vendor and you want to offer your affiliates multiple landing pages for them to use to test/sell the same product Since ClickBank only lets you have a single hoplink.... I am assuming there must be some plugin or php script to allow vendors to link to multiple landing pages...
  10. wallofiron

    Possible to make 100 different landing page URL's quickly?

    Looking to run PPC ads in all my different accounts..... However I am wanting to diversify the landing pages Is there some way to quickly make 100 different URL's for the same landing page? Not looking for leadpages or clickfunnels but more something that will allow super fast multi URL...
  11. wallofiron

    Facbook = Banned

    If both my family's 100% whitehat profiles and 20 different ad accounts and 2 business managers on FB .... got flagged How do I start over from scratch? What do I need new? Can a relative in another part of the country open a business manager and ad my personal profile to it as an admin to...
  12. wallofiron

    FB business PAGE flagged, 9 years old + 35k followers... =-(

    Facebook business page flagged -- do I have any recourse? For whatever reason (still don't know) my business page with 35k followers was flagged so any ad account I use to promote that page or make a conversion/traffic ad using that page gets auto-banned. Other than creating a brand-new...
  13. wallofiron

    As a vendor.... Clickbank Vs SoftwareProjects?

    Have a product we are doing okay with on our own.. but Facebook doesn't approve of our diet product.. Looking to move to ClickBank or Software Projects (or whatever else they are calling themselves these days) Do you have a preference? We've been speaking with high level account managers of...
  14. wallofiron

    Affiliates vs 100% own traffic - (ebooks+funnel)

    We have a fitness digital info product that has been crushing Jan -Oct but having the hardest time trying to scale with PPC keeping costs down. We hired a PPC "guru" who ended up getting our FB ad account/business manager/ and FB business page all banned... Trying to figure out what to do from...
  15. wallofiron

    Business Manager Accounts Disabled

    Been crushing it with FB ads the past year.... and was trying to scale.. however we unfortunately hired some PPC "guru" who had no idea what he was doing and ended up getting all our business manager FB accounts banned. No matter what we do can't create another ad account... MUST be a way to...
  16. wallofiron

    Any recommendations for outsourcing VSL creation?

    Have a complete 47min audio voiceover, 8900 word script and need to outsource the creation of the actual Video Sales Letter video for our info product we are trying to launch. Been on Fiverr, Upwork and everyone we can find just plain stinks horribly. Looking for a straight VSL style video...
  17. wallofiron

    Responsive wordpress theme without flyout menu?

    My mobile visitors (70% of my traffic) can't seem to figure out how to click on that stupid "hamburger" menu flyout button. I am looking for an out of the box responsive wordpress theme where the menu/navigation is still displayed on mobile devices and doesnt have to flyout like all traditional...
  18. wallofiron

    Which domain set up for SEO purposes? Your thoughts

    Sincerely appreciate any opinions here... =-) Trying to rank for a certain keyword (for example: " health supplement") that I will be selling. It would be a single product ecom store. Here is where I am confused in terms of trying to rank easier. Every other first page domain ranking for my...
  19. wallofiron

    Why Arent There Top Female Fitness Marketers?

    There are 100's of ripped buff guys doing all sorts of online marketing from selling supplements to how to lose fat ebooks to plain blogs with TONS of traffic selling TONS of product. All the top clickbank fat loss, workout, diet, nutrition, info products are made by men or have a man they...
  20. wallofiron

    Top female fitness model guru seeks JV with marketing/sales expert

    Wife and I are looking to make use of her long standing internet reputation, fitness model background, 10 different certifications in a myriad of areas, combined 40 years of experience in health, disease, fitness and nutrition to create a large all encompassing multi-stream revenue website. We...