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  1. Weby

    Yoast XML sitemap issues

    Hi all, have a question, Why is the Yoast xml sitemap always has issues When I try to submit XML sitemap on the search console, most of the time it shows "sitemap could not fetch" or sometimes it shows "sitemap can be read, but has errors" "Missing XML tag" What should I do, should I try any...
  2. Weby

    Need help on WP login

    Hi, I need some suggestions on How to login into my WP dashboard I installed a nulled WP theme which shared here, and it went smooth for 3 months now the site is crashed Now Can't login into my WP dashboard and I Can't access some URL, HTTPS links are working fine but when accessing with HTTP...
  3. Weby

    Just in: Elon tweets about a new shitcoin

    Is he talking about this shitcoin ??
  4. Weby

    Fellow Crypto traders

  5. Weby

    What SEO audit tool you're using to generate reports for your clients?

    Hi, planning on buying an SEO audit tool to generate a complete website report. So please suggest the best tool out there :) Thanks
  6. Weby

    Argentinian buys Google’s domain name for £2

    Then shortly after it was transferred back to Google, and the poor dude lost 2 pounds :( Full story
  7. Weby

    How some web hosting companies offering dead cheap hosting plans?

    I see some hosting companies (don't want to mention them) offer way cheap hosting plans, like $1 for a month or even less Is that even profitable? how they run their business? Their reseller plans are shocking to me, $6 for 50 Cpanel accounts with unlimited storage I guess they are not a...
  8. Weby

    Get free Hosting upto 10GB

    Hi guys, lately I have been not active much as my offline projects consumes more time and care; and recently I got this share and think it would be much useful for BHWers as this can be used for many side projects or can be used for practice purposes for newbies Let's the topic, Go...
  9. Weby

    Someone is trying to Hack my personal accounts

    Yes, suddenly my personal FB is blocked (for illegal login attempts) and I was like what the heck then followed their instruction to retrieve the account, not really a big thing; they asked to change the password Then within 10 mins my personal Gmail account also blocked as of with illegal...
  10. Weby

    MANTIS Cannabis network

    Does anyone use Mantis Ad platform? How good is this network and obviously their pay? And do they pay regularly, does someone faced any issues with their payment? Thanks
  11. Weby

    Happy New year, welcome 2020

    Hi my fellow IMers, Happy new year all. Let's don't forget the lessons learned from 2019 and prepare for the upcoming year. I hope everyone have a wonderful and joyful coming year. Cheers
  12. Weby review?

    Hi guys, does anyone here used to buy/sell bitcoins? if yes, please share what is your experience with the platform, should I trust? Thanks
  13. Weby

    Review type WP theme

    Does anyone know a better user review WP theme like reviewing a different kind of services, games, etc. by users All inputs are appreciable. Thank you
  14. Weby

    Free hosting, domain with SSL, perfect for starters

    I'm planning on writing a guide on How to set up a website wholely free with a SSL certificate. Perfect for beginners to practice on, perfect for the landing page, and the opportunities are limitless with the Free website setup. Is anybody interested?
  15. Weby

    [Guide] Latest Trick to download Images from Shutterstock

    As its a very long time since I posted any useful stuff here so I decided to share a method to download Shutterstock images for Free. Popular websites like, are not working anymore Ok, I found a new website, where anyone can download loads of paid images for...
  16. Weby

    Drinking/Alcohol, bad surroundings, Gaming how far?

    Lately, I have been not active on my business due to Drinking, bad surroundings (so-called bad connection/friends), Gaming, I know it's my problem but I guess lots here relate to these issues. I have lost many things due to these problems, many family issues, financial issues and lots more. The...
  17. Weby

    SEOquake SEO bar is not working on Google SR like before

    As the title explains, The SEOquake SEO bar is not working on Google search results but works on individual sites. I have been using this chrome plugin for a few years without any issues but for the past 2 days, it is not working on search results. For those users don't know what it does, it...
  18. Weby


    Hi Guys, does anyone know a hosting company that accepts entropay vcc payment? can't find anything in google.
  19. Weby


    This is how G+ gains popularity...:)
  20. Weby

    Useful thread

    The title itself shows you the meaning of this thread... I don't want to waste your time.. lets come to my point.. I see many people (noobs even experts) who're struggling to discover some ideal information from this forum so i decided to open a common thread, which should provide all useful...