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  1. dbrown

    SiteJunk Content Generator news. Alot of info inside

    We are doing major upgrades to the system this week. The api is back online and the wordpress plugin (v1) works. The feeder site package works. The junk generator in the client area works as well. The new wordpress plugin (v2) is due out next week as well as a YACG plugin. We could use a...
  2. dbrown :: A free content generation site.

    The site is online and in beta. You simply put in a keyword/phrase and content will magically appear.:) Any feedback is much appreciated. There is a lot of stuff going on for each keyword request. We are scraping multiple sources, using synonyms, markov, etc. Soon we will be...
  3. dbrown

    Fishing intrest on my server based multisite manager

    Here is the deal. I custom coded a php server based mastercp application that manages all my sites/clouds. I am thinking about selling it to the public now. Here is the process/what it does. You setup a hosting acount (anywhere, godaddy, your server etc) Create a database on that...