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  1. Tishina

    Issue after changes in hosting?

    Hello, WP + WooCommerce. Recently my site has started freezing. Not every time but in a small percentage in the cases when opening it and browsing it as guest. Also, the webmail client (roundcube) sometimes takes 5-10 seconds to think when I try to login. Or when I click "refresh" or open an...
  2. Tishina

    Indexing Low Word Count Products Will Lower SEO Score of a Website?

    Hello, I have products with low word count (100 words) that are set to no index currently because they get 1-2 searches a month. Just to be sure, can yu tell me If I index them, this can affect negatively my overall SEO score?
  3. Tishina

    W3 Total Cache Pro Version Good for WooCommerce?

    Hello guys and girls, I was wondering if the W3 Total Cache pro version is worth it if you run a WooCommerce store? Any experience?
  4. Tishina

    I Can't Bet in Casinos Online

    Hello, My country passed a law some time ago that forbids betting and they have blocked almost all betting sites. VPN can bypass this but I know it's not allowed by casinos. Do casinos catch people with VPN? Is there a better way to do this? Listening to your suggestions guys.
  5. Tishina

    Do I need to upgrade my current hosting plan?

    Hello guys, For some time I'm thinking maybe I need to up my plan but really don't know if the current one is doing well. Here's a screenshot of today:
  6. Tishina

    Do Tiers\Levels Exist in WooCommerce for Accounts?

    I'm perplexed that for such a big platform there is not a complimentary plugin to create tiers which the customer has to reach to get a permanent discount on all future orders or it's me who cannot find such a plugin.
  7. Tishina

    Emojis in Text - Good Idea or Not?

    What do you think about that? Does it turn off the visitors or it makes the reading more compelling? What if emojis are used in product description?
  8. Tishina

    Anyone Else Noticed GSC Snippet Missing?

    Hello, If you have linked your site with Google Search Console, everytime you type a keyword you're fighting for in Google, a snippet will come up with statistics for a period, clicks, positions etc above the results. For the last 3 or 4 days, I don't have a snippet for any of the keywords...
  9. Tishina

    A SEO Case Dilemma

    Hello, If Google was more logical in the past and you could remove keywords from a page and build a new one with them, it would work and you wouldn't even bother with this. However, from small insight I got, I think if you do this now, Google doesn't acknowledges the removal of the keywords...
  10. Tishina

    Have You Bookmarked Affiliate Signup Methods?

    Hello, So a friend of mine is just starting out in the IM field after he heard from a friend about the newbie method of earning money - clicking on ads and getting affiliates to click. I shared my thoughts with him about this method, that you need thousands of affiliates to make a little some...
  11. Tishina

    [RO] SEO - Romanian Text - Latin or Authentic RO letters?

    Hello, I'm going to start my website and I notice that some sites use latin characters while others use the authentic romanian letters. Have you observed any difference from SEO perspective which is better or it's the same? Regards! Tishina
  12. Tishina

    Risk of Operating Two Websites From One Pc

    Hello, I have one website and I'm ready to start a second one. However, the issue is I plan to reproduce the same links of the first site for the second. In your experience, should I protect myself from g**gle, albeit the second site will be a different language but with the same links?
  13. Tishina

    Ecommerce & Returning Customers - Where's the Missing Piece?

    Hello, I'm in niche where the products are original and are perfect for souvenirs, collections, gifts and if you get my thoughts, they are something you can continuously buy. The orders are beautifully arranged and packaged and I always get compliments from the customers. However, in the end...
  14. Tishina

    When G**gle Became so Cheap?

    Ever since I stared browing the internet from a young age, I never used a different browser apart from G. However that is about to change. Not long ago, people said the search engine has started to bring different search results for every user based on their previous search history. This...
  15. Tishina

    Buy Level One Fiverr Seller Acount to Fly Your Competition!

    If you're looking for a high quality Fiverr account, you've come to the right place! I'm offering my personal Fiverr seller account at a bargain price because I no longer have the time to maintain it as I operate an ecommerce journey now taking all my time. Details are as follow: Registered...
  16. Tishina

    Why Keyword Research Freebies Can be Dangerous

    Whenever a freebie thread pops up on the homepage of the forum, our eyes pop out and we rush to write "interested, count me in, sir". But many times we don't think about this. Some person offers a free keyword research via ahrefs and we grab it impulsively. For sure, in most cases they would...
  17. Tishina

    What Would be a Suitable WooCommerce Hosting?

    Okay, I don't see such threads discussing this here so I'll ask. In your experience, what type of hosting service would be the best for a WooCommerce shop with ~200 products? Is it Cloud or SSD VPS? As a sidenote, do you need CloudFlare when your site is only on the domestic market? Or it...
  18. Tishina - Do Classified Sales Offer Safety?

    Hello, I wonder if classified sales on Flippa guarantee that you will get the money? I read people getting shill bidders on auctions and such. A person wants to place an offer on my site but their profile is new (22 days old) and in the profile it's written that they have lost a dispute. So...
  19. Tishina

    [When to Run] Facebook Remarketing Campaign

    So, I'm struggling pretty hard with my local ecommerce business. Last year, I lost some money on Fb ads but now I want to try again and enter for a long time as I firmly believe positive ROI can be achieved with a remarketing campaign in a 3rd world country. However, should such a campaign be...
  20. Tishina

    WooCommerce SEO/UE Optimisation

    Hello, Not quite sure how to go about it so I have to ask: Would it hurt conversations if you set up the main category to show only subcategories so that you have better SEO instead of showing both subcategories and products making it have the same product in more than 1 category...