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  1. secondeye

    For Jv.VIP Subscription - For Moderator Only

    Hello, My Jv membership will expire soon and I am unable to locate payment link in my account upgrade page. Kindly let me know your PayPal ID so that I can pay directly. Check screenshot I had also replied to Admin's PM. Please update me. Thanks.
  2. secondeye

    Mega Indexer - Index All your Bulk URLs/Website/links with in 1 Day | Guaranteed Results

    We are Announcing the Best Indexing Service Ever on this Planet with Proven and Guaranteed Results If that Doesn't make any Sense then We will issue Full Refund How This Works? We will shortened your Links and post them to our Network where Google Bot is active every time to Crawl and...
  3. secondeye

    Easy $10 for a member from Slovenia

    Hello, If you are from Slovenia then PM me... I have a real easy 5 minutes work for you. PM me if you are interested in $10 Awaiting
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    PayPal Solutions - Send Receive & Withdrawal - Remove Limit from PayPal Easily Click Here to Contact US BeAware of Scammers DO NOT place order other than our website DO NOT send funds to someone who claims that he belongs to Secondeye DO NOT ADD Similar Skype names like: Forwarderz1 OR Forwarderz. OR SecondeyeForwarderz OR...
  5. secondeye

    Need US address and mail forwarding - Anyone?

    Hey there, I need a US address and mail forwarding service. Do any body of you had tried this kind of service? Please share Regards, Secondeye
  6. secondeye

    [Give Away] 10 BHW members will get 100 high PR 5 -7 Profile Backlinks - 4 Luck Draws

    Hello Everyone, How are you? I am here to share my little Backlink service to one of 10 BHW members who reply to this post. Before, I was thinking to open a Thread in VIP zone, but I thought it would be pretty good if all BHW members can participate What Will you get? I am selling...
  7. secondeye

    Anyone who know Chinese (Mandarin)? Need Help Badly

    Hello there, Any who knows to write or translate this in Chinese (Mandarin)?? I want to translate the below words: 1- Chen Mui Ho 2- Lo Fang Hao I had tried via Google Translator but didn't get the actual translation.. If someone of you really knows this language can help me please...
  8. secondeye

    Any Student from Singapore University?

    Hello, This is really bad but My PayP_l Stuck again. I had received an email from them to provide Utility bill copy and Id card to prove my identity. Some how i managed the utility bill from one of helping member of this community... Now i need Identity card copy or Student card copy so that I...
  9. secondeye

    Moderator help needed to change 1st post of BST

    Hello there, I am really thankful to Black Hat World admin and its hardworking moderators who has maintained this community so clean and tidy and giving me a chance to serve this community and helped me to approve my BST thread. I am little curious about changing my 1st post of my BST...
  10. secondeye

    Strange result on Google :O

    Hello, I have notice strange thing on Google Search Engine, Today I was going on webmaster central at Google to check search queries at one of my client site and try to search my site with following keyword: When I type Dry cough at Google I found the below result: And when I type: honey...
  11. secondeye

    Namecheap: Domain Discount offer - Once Again :)

    For all those who are planning to buy new domain. Namecheap once again announce Discount rates for top TLD domains. New Price >>>> OLD Price .us $6.99 >>> Old Price >>> $8.88 .co $11.99 >>> Old Price >>> $22.98 .me $8.99 >>> Old Price >>> $21.98 .ws $14.99 >>>...
  12. secondeye

    New Method in SEO market - Hack, change and Boost your ranking

    Currently, to gain top ranking SEO hackers have found a new way to get high rankings on Google. The new trick involves hacked websites and the canonical tag. Now, what is canonical tag? Canonical tag "rel=canonical" tag is to help website owners eliminate self-created duplicate content. The...
  13. secondeye

    The world is moving to a new direction ---> Happy Mother's Day ahead....

    Hello everybody, How are you all today? I got cough & Flu because of whether changes. I hope you all are in good health now. I think the world is now moving in a very lucky direction as recently the Easter has passed. And when all above days passed away, we have a beautiful day ahead to warm...
  14. secondeye

    BHW Exclusive >> Super Backlinks from YAHOO! - Reviews Available - Natural Yahoo Backlinks

  15. secondeye

    Any one from Singapore?

    Hello there, If you are reading this thread and you are from Singapore then I need your little help. Today I received an email from PayPal that my account is limited and they need a proof of my Address. If any one of you can provide me a Scan Copy of their Utility Bill then I will be...
  16. secondeye

    Import Export or any other medical stuff

    Hello there, I live in Pakistan where I am blessed with 1000 of things that i cannot have words to thank them... I am blessed with good environment, beautiful locations as well as market.. In my country there are so many thing that I can purchase in cheap and in good quality... So I...
  17. secondeye

    My 1st 100 iTraders at BHW - FREE Yahoo Backlinks for you all

    Hello there, Today is my 1st day that I had reached to 100 iTraders with the support of BlackHatWorld community and with the help of my team members that I (Forwarderz) get successful response from this wonderful community, And for a Great Day Today, am going to offer Yahoo Backlinks FREE for...
  18. secondeye

    Anybody knows: NameCheap October Coupon for Domain?

    Hi there, Am going to register new domain and tried to search many coupon code but all are expired this September. I only found 1 "getitcheaper" which is giving $1 discount. Do any body of you know any other coupon code? Regards, Secondeye
  19. secondeye

    Highest Quality - PR5-7 Profile Backlinks Only = 300 backlinks+Ping+Bookmark=$15>ReviewNow

    Feedback 1 Feedback 2 Feedback 3 Feedback 4 Feedback 5 Feedback 6 Feedback 7 Feedback 8 Feedback 9 Feedback 10 Feedback 11 Feedback 12 Feedback 13 Feedback 14 Feedback 15 Feedback 16 Feedback...