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  1. yesofcourse

    What to invest in for the long term?

    So I have a bit of money sitting around and I don't really like that :D I'm looking for something in which I can invest for the long term. Now, I'm not looking to get rich with this. I just want to beat inflation and make some money on top of it. I was thinking about buying every month...
  2. yesofcourse

    Advice needed: Moving content from penalized website to another?

    Hello, everyone. So I have a website that was hit with a manual penalty(unnatural links pointing to your website) about 2 months ago. I messaged certain PBN providers and webmaster that I got links from, created disavow file and asked for reconsideration 5 weeks ago. Today they rejected me...
  3. yesofcourse

    Affiliate marketing journey - building an authority site

    Hello, I've been on BlackHatWorld for a long time but never did anything serious. However, I'm happy to say that I've started my first affiliate site on 28.09.17. Every day I'm learning something new from this forum and as I enjoy reading other people's journeys I decided to make my own thread...