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    Anyone have experience with Multi-Author Revenue Sharing blogs/websites?

    I have recently started working on a gaming website. To help grow the content of the website I have a revenue sharing plugin installed on my site to split my ad revenue 50/50 with those that share content. Content will be in the form of Twitch/Youtube clips and written content such as Gaming...
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    My SAAS Journey to $1M/Month

    Why is this in the journey section when its clearly just a hype thread for your software you plan to sell here on BHW?
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    Looking for privacy & terms expert

    I've used in the past for TOS and privacy generators, you should check them out.
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    Daaaaamn someone scraped my site,

    All these "PM me your site I can help you out" actually translates too "PM your site so i can steal your niche". Be careful who you give your link too.
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    Need a favor please! Android Users!

    Just wondering if anyone can download my app from the playstore and see if works on your phone? Anyone who doesn't use Samsung would be great as I've tested on 3 of these. Basically I've put up an app on the store that was working fine in debug, works fine when I create a signed release and...
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    Made $250k in 16 months - first game ever - AMA

    Great thread full of lots of good information, thanks! Currently developing my own little game so this thread will serve as a great motivation and knowledge source.
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    is this my fault or her?

    Da fuck did I just read....
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    [JOURNEY] Road to 1K $ a month with GOOGLE PLAY SPAM

    Interesting journey, good luck! I'm doing something similar so thanks for sharing your experience.
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    Convert my Blog into Android App

    Check codecanyon there is lots of prebuilt apps to do this.
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    App Rejected - Gambling

    I've just had my quiz app rejected for 'Gambling Violation'. I've been waiting for nearly 5 days for this app to go live when all my others have gone live within a few hours. The only reason I can think they rejected for these reasons is because I stated in screenshots and the description that...
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    Android journey V2 (Blackhat)

    Following as I am on a similar journey myself at the minute. Bit more grey hat than black, however. Have your apps been published yet? I published 3 apps so far and all got approved within 2-6 hours. However my most recent app has been pending now for almost 2 days.
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    Data Entry Work Available - Easy But Boring

    Hi All, I'm looking for someone to help me with a data entry task. I have a list of 1000s of trivia questions and answers. However I need each question to have an additional 3 wrong answers. Your job will be to enter 3 wrong answers for each question. The wrong answers must be relevant to the...
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    Keyword Install or Package ID?

    Thanks for the reply. This is exactly what I was thinking. I was kinda confused that I was advised to go for package installs instead. Made no sense.
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    Keyword Install or Package ID?

    I've been using to get some new apps installs. My plan was to start with package ID installs as the app doesnt rank for anything. When I noticed that my app started ranking for "My App Name - My Keyword" (which I was at rank 1 for) I switched my campaign so that I started to get...
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    Build Your Agency And Make $$$ - Premium Reseller Services For Newbies And Agencies!

    I have used BlackGrumps services (video creation) and was really satisfied with the delivered product and turnaround time. Highly recommended.
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    [Graphic Design] Design some ads for my app!

    Found someone. Job no longer available.
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    [Graphic Design] Design some ads for my app!

    Looking for someone to create some ads for me to use to promote a mobile app. I will need at least 2 designs for each of the following sizes: 400x300, 1200x628 320x50, 320x100, 480 x 32 Reply if you're interested and I'll drop you a PM. I would prefer to pay 50% up front and then 50% after I...
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    Is offpage seo affects on Apps ranking? Google playstore

    Also interested to know this. Following thread.
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    Need Help With TexturePacker for Mobile Reskin

    Hi All, I brought some code last night for a simple mobile game. However I'm having issues creating the texture pack with my new images. The developer isnt responding and im keen to get this launched asap. I need someone who can take my redesigned images and use the texturepacker to create me...