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    BHW's Take On White Hat SEO....

    Obviously, I don't come here often... What is this sub-forum's take on white hat SEO? As I sift through the various posts I see people recommending creating spammy links on irrelevant pages, buying links from blog networks, etc... Well, none of that is white hat - not even in the least. So...
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    Magic Submitter - What a pile of shit.

    WOW - That has to be the worst web 2.0 submitter I've tried yet. I mean, it's just horrible. Even at 1/2 the cost of SEnuke, it's about 1/4 of the value. First night run - successfully submitted to 3 sites. Anyone on the forum successful with it, and if so - care to share any tips? I'd love...
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    Link Juice Maximizer

    Anyone notice that LJM's main page has changed quite a bit. Looks like their pricing will be 37, 57, and 77 bucks depending on what "Level" plan you go with. Interesting stuff... Anyone have any more details on a "Go live" date for them now that things have begun to change on their site?
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    Drigg Auto Poster - Ideas anyone?

    Did the ole' Google thing looking for a Drigg auto poster with no luck... anyone have any ideas on an autoposter for Drigg sites?
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    Link Directories - What Scripts Run Them, What Are Their Footprints?

    Can anyone list off some popular link directory scripts? I'm looking to harvest a bunch of them, but since I've never really dealt with them I don't know if there is a never ending list of the scripts used, or if it's like blogging where you have 4 or 5 major scripts and a bunch of little ones...
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    Do You want to Push and Button and have money shoot out of the other end?

    To ALL: First, I was so irritated when I wrote this that I used "and" instead of "A" in the title. Second, It's not directed at anyone. I copied it off my notepad and into a post because after I got done I thought "Hey, a newer guy might not know this" and hoped it would helped even if I come...
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    Hate Check out my new article...

    So I'm a Premium (paid) member at ezines... I've had articles stolen without resource boxes and a lot of guys in my niche put affiliate links in their bodies using the .info redirect walk around. I did it once today and my article was turned down for all sorts of nonspecific reasons... So...
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    Teaching Xrumer New Forms/Formats.

    Basically I'm in search of a tut on self learning mode... For instance, teaching it how to identify BlogEngine forms or a platform for posting, or teaching it how to post material on let's say MrSquiggles Hypothetical Blog Engine. I'm 99% sure it's in the artificial intelligence portion of the...
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    Best RAR password cracker

    What does this have to do with SEO? Well, it's being used to crack an archive that has an SEO tool in it. Once I have the password I can openly share on the forum once I check the no-no list. So, whats the best tool out there to "Recover" a .RAR password? My brute force has been running all day...
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    XR unleashed RAR Password?

    Anyone happen to have the PW for the RAR of XRunleashed you can find floating around out there. Currently running a brute force attack on it, but I'm all about immediate gratification.
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    Best way to find sitemaps?

    Hey guys - anyone have a good thought for finding a BE site's .xml sitemap? I can't really find a good search operator for the task and I have a lot of blogs to locate sitemaps for.
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    Pyrogenius - Sold Out?

    Anyone know where you can buy Pyrogenius? It seems that the main page gives you some sold out BS....
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    Hey guys, I've been using Xrumer for about a year or so just for backlinks but I'm beginning to think about using it to blast out sales based articles comparing affiliate products, obviously with links back to my affiliate offer. This board simply has too much information about Xrumer (what...
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    Xrumer answer that is widely known, but not by me or the search button ;)

    Mod: if against rule 3.3 please delete. I am unclear how close to the line this may draw. How are you guys getting your Xrumer decaptcher services funded? I've spent a year or more using it - but only with the base captcha engine. I want to get a paid service up and running before 7's release -...
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    ScrapeBox Domain Domination - My First "Give Back" to BHW ;)

    Hey guys, I don't think this has been posted here. I've never seen it anywhere so I thought I'd post another little trick I came across with ScrapeBox tonight. I'm always optimizing my usage, a lesson learned with Xrumer - and here's a great little trick to completely rape a blog - think .edu...
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    Scrapebox crashing - Possible Fixes and Solutions

    Hey guys, I'm a big user of Xrumer and senuke as you might expect. I'm just getting involved with scrape box because of it's huge potential in my mind. Unfortuantely, I've had a lot of crashing issues - some I've resolved, some I haven't. For those of you who are crashing a lot during the...
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    Boosting Ezine Views

    With scrapebox not working for Ezine anymore, what's the best naughty way to boost ezine views. I was considering but I don't know if: A) the hits will count B) ezine knows about them and detects them to later take action against my account Lastly, and more generally -...
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    Blog Comment Spam - Writing is an Art Form

    Hey guys, I know this is my first (maybe 2nd) post here but I had a question that I spent a lot of time searching for with no success. I'm looking for advice on how to write great comment spam. I'm a Xrumer user, and recently jumped on the scrapebox bandwagon as well. Most of my current...