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  1. virtualman89

    How do you make money online?

    Hi everyone, I would love to know what is your current way of making money online. I am not asking for your secrets or even full details. You can answer in general terms. For example, do you make money doing affiliate sales, physical products, CPA, selling digital products, etc. I always love...
  2. virtualman89

    Why do you want to be successful online?

    We all have different goals and different reason why we have chosen to get into the online business world. And I would love to know what inspires you everyday to continue working on your online business. I'll give you a few of my reasons to start. I would love to be location independent. I...
  3. virtualman89

    Wix vs. Web Designers

    My Opinion on Wix vs. Web Designers I think many people underestimate the power of Wix. Many say that they don't think Wix will ever replace the Web Designer. Yes, web designers will always be needed, but Wix is definitely affecting the market somehow. Let me explain why. Wix is Getting...
  4. virtualman89

    Which web hosting company do you use?

    Hi guys, I want to run a survey of the top Web Hosting company in this forum. Please only respond if you are actually using that web host at the moment. Don't add anything to this thread that you don't currently use. I'll start it off: I use Siteground and A2Hosting
  5. virtualman89

    Ask Me Anything: Web Design Business

    I will be upfront, I don't know everything since I've been doing it for about a year. My techniques may not work for everyone. And there might be better ways to do it. But I feel like I still have some valuable information to give about the Web Design Business. Ask me anything if you are a...
  6. virtualman89

    What do you think of my landing page?

    Hi I was looking to get some feedback on my landing page. I create a website where I teach people how to make a website with WordPress. The way I am planning on monetizing it is by promoting web hosting and the elegant theme membership. Any constructive criticism on my website? Also how would...
  7. virtualman89

    How to Market Web Hosting Affiliate Program?

    So I created a website with a video course on how to build a website with the purpose of making affiliate commissions from selling web hosting a a WordPress theme. The course is a good course, but I am having trouble thinking of ideas on how to send traffic to it. I thought about doing a...
  8. virtualman89

    Video Tutorial on the WordPress Divi Theme

    I am looking for an expert on the Divi Theme Page Builder. I need a full tutorial on how to use it, and how to build a website with it. This tutorial will be a free course that I will be using for my website, and I with the intention of getting some affiliate commissions by recommending the...
  9. virtualman89

    Looking for a Content Creator: Must be a WordPress Expert

    I am looking for a writer who knows WordPress like the back of their hand. I need extensive guides on how to use WordPress (5000+ words), Here is a few of the topics I need: creating a website with WordPress for beginners, creating an eCommerce store with WordPress for beginners creating a...
  10. virtualman89

    What is a good way to market my Web Design Services locally?

    I have been marketing my wordpress web design services locally on craigslist, and have had luck with very minimal amount of clients in low price margins. But sales have been slow. And I would like to increase my prices but I haven't had luck with increasing my prices. All my clients have been...
  11. virtualman89

    We Build Professional Websites & eCommerce Sites | WordPress, WooCommerce, Divi

    WE BUILD WORDPRESS SITES & ECOMMERCE SITES Use it for your business, or Resell it to your client We will build the website, you can make the profits We use the Divi Theme to build you a custom WordPress website & WocCommerce eCommerce store. We are very flexible though. We will do everything...
  12. virtualman89

    Who else gets bored at writing for SEO?

    I understand the value of writing for SEO. And I also understand that some topics may actually be enjoyable to write about. But I can't fathom to think that writing about something I don't want to write about can be fun. There is some topics in SEO that are just hair tearing. This means that...
  13. virtualman89

    I will build 5 Page WordPress Website for Free

    This offer is for 2 people only. Here is the requirement. Your business model must be 100% white hat. No hacker websites, software piracy, or anything that is black hat, or illegal. No porn sites, or erotic sites. As long as it's nothing shady, I will approve. This will be used for my...
  14. virtualman89

    Hello BlackHatWorld

    Hi BlackHatters, A long time ago I was introduced to this forum. But I walked away in favor of the WarriorForum because it was hotter at the time. My question is, what happened to the WarriorForum? I posted a service there the other day for almost free to gain some reviews, and I haven't...
  15. virtualman89

    Other Forums to Provide my Services?

    Hello Friends, I am a WordPress Developer and started offering services locally through craigslist. And although I do get about 3 customers a month, I want to increase that. I tried to posting my ad on the Warrior Forum at a highly reduced priced to try and get some reviews and gain some trust...