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  1. proxygo

    Another Covid Variant - Round We Go

    Covid warning as new variant with '46 mutations' infects 12 in southern France Scientists have rung the alarm bells over "the emergence of a new variant" in southern France. It comes after 12 patients tested positive in the same region, but their tests showed "an...
  2. proxygo

    Im Back - Hit The Deck

    Hi all hope you all had a great Christmas and new year, i got drunk, Twice but its been 15 years so i earned a free 1. Got some nice toys , new clothes . and im feeling pretty good. to @Zwielicht i saw your post - yes its true, i have my uses :D As @proxygo (who actually brings issues to my...
  3. proxygo

    Israel First case of Flurona

    Israel reports first case of ‘flurona’ – rare double infection of Covid and influenza Israel has recorded the first case of a rare mixture of two diseases, influenza and coronavirus, dubbed “flurona”. Local reports said that the patient was a young pregnant woman, who was in hospital, although...
  4. proxygo

    Bud / Baileys /Jack /

    been 15 years since i hit the fizz........ive earned it. Mom/Dad/Brother/Stepmom/Aunty/ this one time is for you guys up stairs, and to the grim reaper, kiss my ass its not my time yet so im gonna live a little, fck 2021, hears to 2022 -- like me or hate me, proxygo lives on
  5. proxygo

    Free Pizza For Barto

    just thought ide drop in and wish everyone a happy new year and ill be back on the 3rd Jan. ps @bartosimpsonio as you collect so many. pfizer are doing a 5 for 1 deal, so hears a card to get you started. see ya in 3 days
  6. proxygo

    Merry Christmas Im Outa Here

    well its Christmas eve and my 15th year on bhw and against Drs orders im having 1/2 drinks for first time in over a year, so ill get even more annoying and crankier so im logging off so i dont annoy anyone - to all my friends i wish you all a Merry Christmas and a great New Year. im out until...
  7. proxygo

    Another Vaccination Is Coming

    so far most countries have had 2 main vaccinations and 1/2 boosters. i said 2 weeks ago when omicron popped up another booster would be coming on top of 2 vaccinations and 2 boosters already. here it is I CALLED IT 14 DAYS AGO..... CHA-CHING A jab every month - roll up roll up and make pfizer...
  8. proxygo

    So Its Like A Cold

    so omicron so far = paracetamol and and a good nights sleep these are the 5 symptoms listed by CDC / WHO / NHS first they mandated masts, ok i can get with that now its blind folds, i guess thats to stop us see whats going on around us.
  9. proxygo


    Another PSN sale has started, time to add 1/2 more games to the collection My ps4 PRO collection New games Bought Tonight The council / Metro Redux / Layers Of Fear / Grand Ages Medieval Life is strange / Journey / Games yet to play or finish / Hellblade:Senua’s Sacrifice / Metro 2033 & last...
  10. proxygo

    Tip For The Day

    did you know, if you sit on the toilet at 11.59 and the clock strikes midnight, its the same sht different day , :D
  11. proxygo

    Covid Vaxes 5 - 11 year olds Europe

    As Covid Vaxes roll out across Europe for 5/11 year olds reports come in of childrens suffering from myocarditis Dr.Afzal Niaz M.D, M.B.B.S (King Edward ) ,FRCS I am observing myocarditis & Cardiomyopathy in covid vaccinated Children causing incredible pain and suffering for children and their...
  12. proxygo

    Dodgem Like Mr Anderson

    4 Shots And A Miss - have a great weekend :D
  13. proxygo

    Boromir Has C19

    One does not simply die from an arrow happy weekend - stay safe.
  14. proxygo

    Fun Weekend Facts

    Also Rothschild Island lies between Omicron and Delta Island there goes your weekend interesting fun fact of the day
  15. proxygo

    The Moderna Boss Said Cha-Ching

    well its only been a few weeks since omicron but dont worry the boys at Moderna are here to scare you with the delta+ omicron variant that doesnt exist yet but soon will and with a booster to make it all better, you no its coming. Straight from the boss at Moderna. CHA-CHING
  16. proxygo

    To Rick Or Not To Rick

    well the news today is, 9 first team players double vaxed from Manchester united has got covid in the last 2 days if only they where double vaxed, oh they where .
  17. proxygo

    Worlds Deadliest Pandemics

    C19 still has a ways to go b4 it can be classed as deadly based on population size
  18. proxygo

    Omicron Not A Million

    as an un vaxed person due to health issues i still like to keep up to date on the variants and emerging hysteria i mean news. now the UK Gov health people recently stated that although Omicron cases were not presenting fatalities, just a minor cold and headache as of now, they did expect cases...
  19. proxygo

    Buddies For Ever

    some soft cuddly mushy shit to round off my Saturday evening
  20. proxygo

    Im A Napper. Are You

    Today i took a 2 hr nap but im still tired because you didnt take yours. Those Dam Anti-Nappers . Happy Weekend :D