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  1. 4bothis

    Fb ad account jv

    I have $500 daily spend limit ad accounts on demand warmed up and ready to run money ads. Looking to jv with someone who has 100% roi campaigns.
  2. 4bothis

    WTB Banner Designer

    Looking for someone who knows how to design a few banners for media buying. I have images+text that need to be used. Pm me for my Skype
  3. 4bothis

    basic web developer needed for 5 minutes job.

    I need some text added to a page which will take 5 minutes if you know what you are doing. Paying $5 pm me for my skype
  4. 4bothis

    Any fb ad approved

    I can get any ad+image+text approved on facebook. My exploit has been working for a few months now. I have agency accounts. Looking for people who have profitable campaigns but have issues getting approved. Since any image can be approved rois might be much higher if you run with me. <br> <br>...
  5. 4bothis

    ebay account needed to sell lifeproof cases

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 11/24/2013 ---- Need someone that has respectable ebay account to help me sell these Lifeproof cases by FRE for iphone 5. Anybody willing to help can reciprocate the favor
  6. 4bothis

    Lifeproof iphone 5 best prices

    Selling lifeproof iphone 5 cases. $7 a case. best quality. already domestic
  7. 4bothis

    need someone to rip some landers for me

    looking for someone to rip a couple landers for me. paying 10$ a lander.
  8. 4bothis

    Emulate iPhone/Android Facebook Application for the PC

    dont need anymore
  9. 4bothis

    instagram jv

    I am looking for someone that has private coded instagram software. Main 2 things that are needed is a account creator and a commenter. I have unlimited proxies to use so itll be easy to scale up. If you got software hit me up. No xgram and other types of shit like it.
  10. 4bothis

    need linux expert

    Hey guys, im looking for a linux expert (ubuntu) to set up ip routing. sudo iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 20225 -j DNAT --to-destination if someone knows how to do that hit me up ill pay greatly
  11. 4bothis

    facebook cloaker

    hey guys, does anyone know where i can find a facebook ad cloaker? or if someone can code it ill buy it off you.
  12. 4bothis

    mailing jv

    I currently have mailerking with contact mailing upgrade, proxies, accounts, 3 anon vps. I am looking for someone that knows how to make money from these tools. hit me up to talk about specifics
  13. 4bothis

    need anon payment

    Hey, I need anon payment with a prepaid giftcard/vcc for hosting. hit me up. paying good.
  14. 4bothis

    slap question

    does google slap micro niche emd sites if the content is quality?
  15. 4bothis

    How long term are mns

    How safe and long term are MNS with edm. I am thinking about investing into 20 pages all top 3. Looking for long term passive income. You think its safe or dangerous?
  16. 4bothis

    anon payment

    I need someone that will make anonymous payment to a hosting provider for $10. I will send you $17
  17. 4bothis

    Hiring simple poster

    I have a spot on my team that will have to do simple posting to a link of sites I give you. Most of the time its a copy paste, but sometimes you will have to register on the site to post the comment. Will discuss payments in private. Write to me on aim at taraz011
  18. 4bothis

    Need MSHTML Expert

    I need someone who knows MSHTML. I have part of a source code that needs fixing. PM me for it and if you can fix it tell me your price. PM me or contact me on aim at taraz011
  19. 4bothis

    basic php script

    I have a script outputing form data in the wrong format and just need it changed. paying $10,
  20. 4bothis

    need someone who knows php

    I have a site setup but I cant get it to write form data to a text file. Looking for someone that knows how to fix this. paying $10