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  1. nakamura

    Facebook completely broken

    I can't describe what kinda pain it is to work with FB these days. Their platform is literally broken. To an extend where it even gives me a error message when I try to open a support ticket or asking a question in their developer community forum. - Ads are randomly getting suspended...
  2. nakamura

    What to do against Blogpost spam?

    Seems like there is a new method where people/bots create .blogpost websites and scrape images from authority websites, embedding the images with a d0-f0llow link to the authority website. Some of my websites got hit like crazy. Got like 300 backlinks, each from different .blogspot domain. Of...
  3. nakamura

    Google rolling out continuous scroll on mobile

    Not sure if this has been posted before. Google posted this today: "At Google, we’re always exploring new ways to help people find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Earlier this year, we launched a redesign of the Search results page on mobile for a more modern experience that’s...
  4. nakamura

    Tumblr becoming the next OnlyFans?

    Just saw they introduced a new feature "Post+" where people can have a monthly subscription to see hidden pictures, etc. Whats your take on that?
  5. nakamura

    Social media became extremely toxic

    Already deleted the Facebook, Twitter, Reddit apps from my phone last year when all the fearmongering started, but since I want to place ads there I started logging in again and check some stuff. Its like Facebook and especially Twitter is full of toxic people and controversy. You can literally...
  6. nakamura

    How good is your Google crawling knowledge?

    Google's fact check on crawling....
  7. nakamura

    Facebook ads bug?

    Every time I make Facebook ads the ad gets approved and minutes after this the posts get marked as spam and removed. All of them, on all platforms. It doesn't matter what pictures I use, they instantly get marked as spam. Even if I don't enter a text or title, they still get removed. I made a...
  8. nakamura

    Facebook & Google Ads threshold in HK are a joke

    I signed up on Google Adwords with my Hong Kong company. I knew Google Adwords has a threshold of $350 in the US and somewhat similar in other countries. But I didn't expect the threshold in HK is 500HKD which is around $65. Is this a joke or what? Ok, Adwords gives me the option to "pay them...
  9. nakamura

    No, Google doesn't manipulate the rankings

    *irony off* Every time one of my websites starts ranking this happens: Example A: Website starts ranking is about to enter the Top 10 and then, boom, algo penalty hits and it goes straight to page 6. Example B: I created this website 30 days ago. Low to Medium Niche. High quality website...
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  11. nakamura

    Google/YouTube drops revenue for videos under 2 minutes

    Seems like ad revenue for videos under 2 minutes dropped significantly...and they are not addressing this problem at all. Kinda reminds me of Google with their crawling problem and updates
  12. nakamura

    Someone here uses Amazon AWS?

    So I recently signed up for Amazon AWS for startups and now someone from their startup development team keeps calling me. This person tries it every day several times. Did one of you go through this? Wondering what kinda question they are going to ask me?
  13. nakamura

    For those of you doing Dropshipping from China

    Just found this on a Facebook group: Means: You better don't dropship goods with famous brands on them (BMW watch, Anime hoodies, fake copies of PlayStation or Nintendo Switch controller, etc.) Could end up badly for you or your business. Still not sure about the scale of it. Could be random...
  14. nakamura

    Can I use this name tho someone filed for Trademark?

    I wanted to incorporate it in HK, thought about a cool name and just made research whether it is actually trademarked. Turns out someone in Spain filed for a trademark and at the moment it is pending. However, it seems like he only registered it for Spain and Europe? ES TM & EM TM. Whats your...
  15. nakamura

    Alternative to Serpbook/

    So, I am using Serpbook (or newly for almost 7 years now. Turns out they just changed their pricing/plan and its a fucking mess now. My plan went from 600 daily updates & bihourly updates for $24.99 per month to 200 daily updates & NO bihourly updates for $38 per month WTF...
  16. nakamura

    Amazon is taking the piss

    Received this email from Payoneer today: So basically they are going to share all kinda information. Or at least Amazon is taking the right to do so. Meanwhile, if you are an Amazon seller, they won't even give you the email address of the customer and there are specific rules on what you are...
  17. nakamura

    Evil scam or real?

    Okay guys, somehow my Facebook feed gets spammed with posts like this: Here is the link to the sponsored post Basically its for saving the life of a sick children. Now what is quite odd is how they are collecting the money: Check this First off all: What kinda website is this? There is no...
  18. nakamura

    Ready for the "Great Reset"?

    *uploaded by World Economic Forum (for those of you who keep talking about conspiracy theories) "The pandemic has radically changed the world as we know it" - the pandemic didn't change anything, the lockdowns changed the world. Am I missing something? They are criticizing the rich or...
  19. nakamura

    Todays F1 crash...

    Holy crap. Car broke in two halfs, immediately caught fire...and the driver is just fine. Look how he walks out of the flames at 1:20...absolutely mental
  20. nakamura

    The problem with the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok Algorithm

    If you watched "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix you might know whats going on. If you haven't watch it, do it. One of the producer of the documentary talked to Joe Rogan and he gives even more insights to all the social media platforms and how their algorithm work. If you are into social media...