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  1. Jeter07

    Hi all, newbie here

    Hello! welcome to BHW
  2. Jeter07

    Newbie here

    Hello welcome to BHW.
  3. Jeter07


    Hello nikolams . Welcome to BHW
  4. Jeter07

    Hello everyone this is Hamza

    Hi there Hamza ! welcome to BHW.
  5. Jeter07


    Hi there ! welcome to BHW
  6. Jeter07


    Hi Mirko . Welcome to BHW
  7. Jeter07

    Im a new newbie

    Welcome to the forum. Hope you find what you are looking for. Good luck!
  8. Jeter07

    Making money using crypto trading bots?

    Not sure with bots but there are brokers with auto trading platform
  9. Jeter07

    How are my results? (1 year progress)

    That's quite a mark there. Keep it up!
  10. Jeter07


    Hi there. Welcome to the forum. Good choice in joining. You'll learn a lot from the members. Best of luck !
  11. Jeter07

    What can I do to earn only $10 a day?

    keep digging on this forum. You'll soon add more skill to yourself. You'll be earning more than $10 a day
  12. Jeter07

    Facebook completely broken

    I wonder how meta will work this out
  13. Jeter07

    The most meaningless things )))

    SEO packages indeed :D
  14. Jeter07

    This is how absurd PayPal is

    And they charge pretty high. Welcome to online transactions! Cheers!
  15. Jeter07

    I bought this anti covid socks, what do you think?

    Doesn't really help I think? It would have been better if it is for your hands because the hand is prone to touching your face.
  16. Jeter07

    New here, greeting everyone!

    Hi there. Welcome to the forum. I hope you find what you are looking for and work with great people. Best of luck!
  17. Jeter07

    Any good NFT games to play?

    axie infinity is trend right now. You should try it
  18. Jeter07

    I must have the saddest Fiverr account in BHW .. =)

    Keep rowing the boat mate. You'll find eventually find your glory
  19. Jeter07

    Hi guys!

    Hi there. Welcome to the forum. I hope you find all you need for your business with the people around here.
  20. Jeter07

    Cant Even Buy A Beer

    This is the reality in some other countries. Less skill, less opportunities. Many are thinking of investing money for business but never really realized that it's better to invest skill for themselves. You have to have a skill to get money coming in