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  1. M4DM4X

    How to do this spammy back button technique?

    Hi Sometimes when you browse a site and you click on the back button to go back on google, the site refreshes the same page all over again. No matter if you click the back button multiple times you always end up on the same page preventing you from quitting the spammy site. To quit the site...
  2. M4DM4X

    Need tripadvisor reviews (mostly FR)

    Hi 1 - 3 per month every month all year long. Pm me, thanks
  3. M4DM4X

    Looking for Trustpilot reviews (mostly FR)

    Hi 1 - 3 per month drip fed all year long. Pm me, thanks
  4. M4DM4X

    Nice way to make extra money selling ads coupons on ebay

    By pushing their hosting affiliate code "Item description from the seller You must sign up for HOSTING ! Please read everything first. HOSTING is Required ! 1 FREE domain Migration or Transfer ! You will find the credits In the Cpanel of your hosting...
  5. M4DM4X

    Amazon AWS service terms update WTF?

  6. M4DM4X

    Is this code safe enough to password protect a page ?

    Hi guys, I'm using the code below to password protect a page (it just requires a pw, no login). It's a mix of php and html. Do you think it is secured enough? I don't know how to implement a temporisation/delay to this code to avoid brute forcing, but I've added a popup to show up after a...
  7. M4DM4X

    Insider stock trading, nice strategy

    Someone with advanced coding skills should make a bot to parse the website this guy is talking about in his video, and make huge cash because this strategy seems to be very efficient
  8. M4DM4X

    Get links from Samsung

    Here you go
  9. M4DM4X

    Search feed arbitrage

    This method is badass
  10. M4DM4X

    Nice way to make money

    They ask people to buy a ubereat to nurses as a reward for all they have done during the plandemic, slipping their ubereat code at the same time to get a commission. Very clever (not my site, plus they have stopped doing this anyway)
  11. M4DM4X

    The power of music makes a disabled person walk again :)

    Nice video btw, the guitarist rocks
  12. M4DM4X

    Sharing some bots

    This website contains a lot of bots, I thought it would be useful to some of you
  13. M4DM4X

    Scrapebox - Problem with scraping WP blogs

    Hi Even if I check "platforms" and chose Wordpress Blogs, I get non related results (many googles sites, stackoverflow posts, and many other kind of sites). How can I get WP blogs only? thanks
  14. M4DM4X

    Scrapebox article scraper / translation tab

    Hi @loopline do you know if there is a limit (word count or characters) for the translation tab in the article scraper module? For example can we paste a 100k words long article and translate it without any problem with bing or do we have to split it in smaller articles? Thanks for your help mate
  15. M4DM4X

    Any African fellow from one of these countries here?

    Hi, If you are from one of these countries in sub saharan africa please pm me, thanks Republicic of Congo, Angola, Sudan, the Central African Republic, the Republic of Congo, Chad, and northern Uganda.
  16. M4DM4X

    discovered - currently not indexed / crawled - currently not indexed

    Hi gentlemen, Yesterday I've submitted a new site to google, uploaded a sitemap, and today it is indexed (at least the homepage) which is great. The site has a total of 6000 pages so I'm waiting for their indexing. But when I go to the search console I can see all the pages are under the...
  17. M4DM4X

    Need help with Amazon S3/Cloudfront hosting

    I'm hosting a site for the 1st time on amazon S3 and I'm using Cloudfront as well to get a public SSL certificate. Everything is fine but I don't find a solution to redirect "index.html" to the root url. Even if I have a line in my htaccess file to do the redirect it seems cloudfront bypasses...
  18. M4DM4X

    Nice trick to bypass spam filters when sending emails in bulk

    Just right blank random characters between spammy words, so spam filters will see them as different words. Example : Instead of writing "buy viagra at cheap prices here", which will cause your email to be flagged by antispam filters, just write : "buyZviagra at cheapMprices here" I used purple...