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  1. Xquisite

    Does YouTube channel location matters in this case?

    I want to start a brand new YouTube channel and hope to get views from tier 1 countries as I hope to monetize the videos the YouTube ads. My question is does the location of my YouTube channel matters to how viewers find my content. To put this in a vivid context, I live in a tier 3 country and...
  2. Xquisite

    How did he host this landing page on blogger?

    I was wondering how to do the same? Below is the URL Https://
  3. Xquisite

    YouTube monetisation

    I was wondering if YouTube will monetize a channel without voiceover and no face. literally what i mean is the content would be 100% original but would be a mobile screen recorded video and text. Would such videos get accepted into ypp?
  4. Xquisite

    How to make this type of website?

    Can anyone please help with how to integrate a similar payment system this website
  5. Xquisite

    I stumbled upon this logo animation

    Does anyone know where I can download this template for free?
  6. Xquisite

    2020 Ogads Lockers

    Howdy fellas, Anyone knows how to edit these ogads lockers? Thanks in advance. :)
  7. Xquisite

    WhatsApp Affiliate Program

    Hello guys, just wondering if WhatsApp has an affiliate program yet
  8. Xquisite

    CPA + Twitter Method

    Hi BWers, your candid advice is utmost needed, been doing cpa for a while now. I do cpa + twitter. I post tweets and add relevant hashtags and a url locker link relevant to the tweet as well. I get clicks and views on the tweets but no single conversion. I don't know what I'm doing wrong:(
  9. Xquisite

    Why does BHW members use non pictures of themselves in their profiles

    Hey guys just wondering why most BHW members don't use their real picture on their profile.