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  1. 0V3RR1D3

    Tinder Tokens Supplier Needed

    Are you a reliable supplier or Tinder Tokens? Do you know someone else who is? Please PM me if you have a connection, or comment on the thread and I will PM you.
  2. 0V3RR1D3

    Best Affiliate networks to promote your own product?

    Would love to hear from some experts out there - what is the best Adult affiliate CPA Network to sell your own product on? For example: If I wanted to sell my product through Clickbank or Crackrevenue, is that the best choice? Or is there a better options out there to use? Thanks!
  3. 0V3RR1D3

    Anyone have success with Traffic Junky?

    I used Traffic Junky for cheap CMP and CPC for a few weeks. I was able to get a lot of clicks but the conversion rates on the Clickbank products were so poor that it wasn't profitable. I'm curious to know if anyone has had success ($50/day+) using Traffic Junky and Clickbank products?
  4. 0V3RR1D3

    Looking for Tinder Chat Bot to grow social media following

    The Chatbot's purpose is to get people to add a Snapchat account. I don't need it to be overly complex with chatting ability, probably 3-5 outgoing messages at most. Just able to quickly move the conversation to add the Snapchat account. Please reply or PM me to talk in more detail. If you...