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  1. neo

    Amazon Affiliate Survey

    Amazon associates, Check your email. Amazon has sent an email asking you for the feedback. Everyone go and fill the survey please. The first question is, How likely are you to recommend the Amazon Associates Program to friends and family Rate it 0. They will ask you for the primary reason...
  2. neo

    KeywordShitter Turned into Sheeter!

    Did anyone notice that KeywordShitter is now redirecting to Looks like they are turning into a paid tool. And KeywordsEverywhere is not working with it. Looks like another good free tool is gone. :(
  3. neo

    Did Anyone Try Doodly?

    This is Brad Callen's new White Board Board video maker. If anyone tried it, how does it compare with Easy Sketch Pro, Explandio etc. If you guys have a favorite software, give your suggestions please. -Neo
  4. neo

    Plugin to Pull Content from Wikipedia

    Hi Guys & Gals, Is there a wordpress plugin to grab related content from wikipedia based on poast title or tag and display on posts? It would be nice to have such a plugin to place some extra content on auto blogs in certain niches. Something like how google scrapes content from...
  5. neo

    Moreniche Affiliate Disclosure Badge

    Hi Guys, Any of you heavily promoting moreniche? Recently got an email from moreniche team asking me to put this large "Affiliate Disclosure Badge" on every page of my site above the fold or my moreniche account will be suspended. I have no problem with displaying an affiliate disclosure...
  6. neo

    Pinterest Bot Gone Wrong?

    Who is spamming pinterest for the keyword shopping? Search for the word shopping on pinterest and you see the same image everywhere. LOL! :)
  7. neo

    The Perpetual Traffic Report by Ryan Deiss

    Ryan Deiss released a new report called The Perpetual Traffic. You can download it at On page 15 of the report Ryan says, Without even thinking I can come up with at least...
  8. neo

    19 Killed in Bangkok

    19 People including 4 soldiers and a Japanse journalist got killed in Bangkok when Army opened fire at Redhisrt protestors. News: ztF6hUryt88&hl
  9. neo

    Anyone Planning to Buy Affiliate Intelligence Archive?

    Chris just released his new high priced product. Affiliate Intelligence Archive Anyone planning to buy this? His last couple of products (the Loophole products) with the LW guys was not really good. So I lost confidence in buying such a high priced...
  10. neo

    New Guy with Questions

    Hi Everybody, I am new here. I have been a lurker for a couple days now. :) This forum is a nice one and is growing fast. Thanks for sharing your experience and valuble tips guys. I am thinking trying out some grey hat stuff before I step into real black hat world. I need your advice guys...