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  1. Harry Jodha

    ️✂️ The Featured Snippet Hack of the Year!

    I've tried it in the past. Didn't work for me.
  2. Harry Jodha

    [Journey] Cryptocurrency Trading & Mining Sidehustle - Sharing My Journey

    I have enjoyed your blogging journey, I learned a lot of things, my blog has started making $100 per month. Now I would love to learn this Crypto thing. Thanks for starting this journey thread. Your experiences teach a lot and the community will surely get benefits from it.
  3. Harry Jodha

    This is how i made $200000+ last year on youtube

    How to do this?
  4. Harry Jodha

    Facebook is down! What to do with my life?

    I know this, but I didn't think that they share the same servers. I used to think that facebook has separate servers for Instagram and Whatsapp. Lol
  5. Harry Jodha

    Facebook is down! What to do with my life?

    Instagram and Whatsapp are also down.
  6. Harry Jodha

    What could be the plugin..

    Optin form plugin, but you need to connect it will mailchimp to be able to send a link via email.
  7. Harry Jodha

    [Journey] Ranking A Site That Uses AI Generated Content

    Thank you so much for helping me. I get 10-12k session per month. I write 1000-1100 words long posts.
  8. Harry Jodha

    [Journey] Ranking A Site That Uses AI Generated Content

    How do you set up Ezoic? I get very low EPMV ($5-7) in Technology niche which is weird. I have followed their placeholder setup guide. I placed 10 placeholders per blog post. Do I need to increase the number of placeholders to 15-20? Please help me! I just want $10-12 per 1000 visits. I get 99%...
  9. Harry Jodha

    [Journey] In the footsteps from lucky.sparks

    I trust @lucky.sparks He is a genuine guy. Especially I like his Youtube method.
  10. Harry Jodha

    Journey to $1500 a month from a new website.

    Good luck. I have also planned to start a new affiliate website.
  11. Harry Jodha

    Traffic arbitrage with an ad network other than adsense?

    I think networks like Ezoic or Mediavine can smell this kind of cheap traffic.
  12. Harry Jodha

    WPX cdn issue dam!!

    Wpx is still down. That's why I ignore popular hosting sites. They are extremely crowded. Cloudways with Vultr HF servers is my favourite.
  13. Harry Jodha

    50% Traffic Dropped After Applying Ezoic

    Yep, User experience matters but at the same time you need money because this is business, you are not working hard to get nothing out of it. Not all niches can be monetized by writing just affiliate reviews. I don't think 10 ads on a 1000+ words article can make your site's UX bad.
  14. Harry Jodha

    50% Traffic Dropped After Applying Ezoic

    My Ezoic traffic was also dropped. Then I removed cloud integration and integrated via their Wordpress Plugin. I got all my traffic back. If you are hosting your site on a good server, Ezoic ads with plugin can't slow your site. Stay away from shared hosting. My site is still faster even using...
  15. Harry Jodha

    50% Traffic Dropped After Applying Ezoic

    Don't afraid. There is no penalty for mentioning a shit listed product. I also left Hooligan media and moved to Ezoic. Ezoic pays well. Hooligan media has partnered with a new payment company but I couldn't find payoneer in their list. I left them because the CPM was very low.
  16. Harry Jodha

    MY FIRST TIME EARNING ONLINE [$19 in 5 days]

    How did you get the traffic to your site?
  17. Harry Jodha

    Wordpress help !!!

    Have you checked that in another device?
  18. Harry Jodha

    [2-4k a month as a freelancer] with 1 year experience - How to move on now?

    You can create a course on Video production and sell it with Clickfunnels. You can advertise your course on YT ads & FB ads.