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  1. ShashiKumaar

    Looking Active Enggagement Pods

    Hi, Looking for a list active Linked & Instagram telegram groups couldn't find quality one on internet? A small help would be really appreciated thanks.
  2. ShashiKumaar

    Would like to know the Animation Software??

    Hello BHW, Currently one of my client has requested to make an such as this Would like to know what animation software they have managed to build such costume animated video! Thanks.
  3. ShashiKumaar

    Which URL/Domain Structure Should be Considered for SEO?

    Hello BHW, I have one clients projects into B2B engineering services looking they have different verticals into Manufacturing, Services and Ecommerce Shopping. But the project which I have got into engineering services which they provide to automotive and manufacturing. But I'm quite confused...
  4. ShashiKumaar

    Is it revenge or darkhat link building? XD

    While I was snoop around my competitors for looking thier bl profiles. Suddenly, I came across this But the website seems to look dead thou :D
  5. ShashiKumaar

    Need Suggestions! No. of leads per day start dipping after 30 days.

    Campaign performance (No of leads per day) start dipping after 30 days. What are the method you will adopt to analyse this scenario and changes you will make to optimize the performance
  6. ShashiKumaar

    How does home page helps other pages to rank?

    Hi BHW, I have recently been doing link building outreach to niche bloggers and editors. I have only been receiving home page based links rather than links pointing to my product pages and blog posts. They don't find my posts to be authority enough to be shared directly to their website. My...
  7. ShashiKumaar

    Redirection Issue affecting my ranking :(

    Hello BHW, I have been trying to rank to competitive commericial KWs under a niche since September 2019 been managed to settle at 3 position outranking local competitors like amazon. Since I have niche specific website which only talks about my related products. It was ranking quite well but...
  8. ShashiKumaar

    How did he get this snippet???

    Hello, Recently I planned to create a video ad for which I needed the best video editing software which I recently came across called filmora. But after doing some research on reviews and on-line pricing. I stumbled upon this FAQ based snippet that had acquired a lot of space for almost three...
  9. ShashiKumaar

    Why H2 is show on title?

    I just did a KW analysis of one of our competitors and was ranking for long-tail KWs in the H2 tag ranking very well on google included in the title. Let's say, for example, that he optimized his website for "Learn Python," which he already included in the title. But he also ranks for the...
  10. ShashiKumaar

    Related to Google Analytics

    Recently I just created a website of one of our client's product pages and product category page. The metric I have received from the organic traffic for the product page is 17 seconds(avg page loading is 4 seconds) with Bounce Rate 33% and Exit Rate 33%. Where for the category page is 2 minutes...
  11. ShashiKumaar

    Getting Redirected to Spam Website

    Hello BHW! Recently One of our clients new website being spammed by someone. I being automattically redirected to some kind of spam gambling based website. Only if some one clicks from the organic search result not directly visiting website for any keyword or result I would say. Which has...
  12. ShashiKumaar

    Linked In Tracking Unfollowers?

    Hi BHW, Due to being unactivite in LinkedIn for a few months I have been consistently losing connections wonder why this is being happed? Is there any method to track the unfollowers builtin LinkedIn?(As I don't get a notification when someone unfollows me which a really bad) Any third-party...
  13. ShashiKumaar

    Twitter Account Farming

    Hi BHW, Just started my Social Media Career would like my know more about Twitter Account Farming. How feasible it is with automation tools? Is Jarvee good enough? or my account would be kicked out for botting? Any source where I can get learn more here. Like Case Studies.
  14. ShashiKumaar

    Regarding Website Speed Issue?

    Hi BHW, Recently I created a new website for B2B clients for their industrial products. Dragged down loading size from 40mb website to under 5mb. But not much success on website loading speed which is around 15s to 20s. How do we reducing the orange color which is making my website slow? How...
  15. ShashiKumaar

    Facing an Serious in Wordpress

    Hello, Recently I had just started a website on Wordpress. For the product-based website for electronic and electrical stabilizers. As it was my first experience with WP design and development found it quite difficult since I am not coding the background. So I decided to use a famous theme...
  16. ShashiKumaar

    Regarding Image Optimization

    Hi, Recently I came across an image compression format called webp. While I was testing for my webpagetest and noticed a great improvement in volume reduction from 860KB to 67KB without losing quality and image resolution. So, I was asking How we can use a webp image format for my website? Is...
  17. ShashiKumaar

    Looking to Learn Word Press

    Hello BHW, Recently, I got an SEO and Website development project of Wordpress CMS for one of our clients. Since I am very well at SEO but a noob when it comes to coding and development. As it is one of my first client hard to say NO to him. So I decided to learn Wordpress and work on my own...
  18. ShashiKumaar

    Need Article from Dead Websites ?

    Hello Guys, Currently, I am doing SEO work for a total of 8 clients. But when it comes to guest or article submssion its quite difficult task for me. As we don't have any content writer so either need to steal or copy articles for the internet. Friends could you suggest me some dead website...
  19. ShashiKumaar

    Whether my website has been penalized by Google or not?

    Please have a look and tell me whether it has penalized or not? nidicareers[dot]com and auroratechpro[dot]com [dot] stands for .