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  1. Krusty

    best way to unfollow in bulk

    need to unfollow several thousand people, what is the best program?
  2. Krusty

    Facebook not sending phone code

    I have to verify several accounts due to suspicious activity, but when I supply a brand new/unused phone number facebook doesn't seem to send a code.
  3. Krusty

    Wikipedia Bans Hundreds Of “Black Hat” Paid Editors

    Wikipedia Bans Hundreds Of ?Black Hat? Paid Editors Who Created Promotional Pages On Its Site...
  4. Krusty

    [twitter Journey] thanks to Indianbill007 and PowerUp Hosti

    Hi I'm one of 15 lucky winners in Indianbill007 and PowerUp Hosting's giveaway of 2 months free VPS and TWT Dominator. I don't do a lot of posts here but I sure do a lot of reading and trying new methods. I spent most of the day setting up the VPS and Twtdominator software, At this stage I...
  5. Krusty

    scrape url's of my article site

    Is there a scraper I can use to scrape the url's of all my articles on my website. there is over 1,000 articles and I don't want to do it manually. I want to be able to submit all the links to scrapebox. Is scrapebox designed to scrape a single website for all url's? any suggestions?