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    Draw Sports Betting Journey!

    People have used a similar strategy in Roulette. You just double your bet each time you lose to win back your losses. The strategy works really well until you finally hit a very unfortunate losing streak that blows up your bankroll. I'd be interested in seeing what the historic records are on...
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    Advice on release forms, for porn models and producers.

    DEFINITELY a question for a real lawyer
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    Tinder Tokens Supplier Needed

    Are you a reliable supplier or Tinder Tokens? Do you know someone else who is? Please PM me if you have a connection, or comment on the thread and I will PM you.
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    Adult site help

    I would say your best bet for competing is to do some keyword research and figure out which niche of porn you can exploit. You probably want to start super granular, like JOI Foot Fetish videos and that's it. I definitely wouldn't be competing with just all porn categories, it is too saturated...
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    FB Demographics Most Likely to Sign Up For Email

    It depends on if you are targeting that 50K person group for a really good reason. If that is a narrowed down audience (like you started advertising to 5 million and now you narrowed it down to 50K, that isn't a problem. But if you just starting your ad campaign then you want to be broader...
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    FB Demographics Most Likely to Sign Up For Email

    I don't have any research, it's pure observation. Watch a 52-year-old man put on his reading glasses, squint, and then finally find the facebook app button. His scroll is so slow. Actually taking the time to read what Betty-Sue posted about her stupid kids. Now watch a 19-year-old. They have...
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    FB Demographics Most Likely to Sign Up For Email

    Sign-ups, marketing, and sales aren't really about "the best demographic" or perhaps the "most foolish to trade their email to be in your sales funnel" You will achieve the best ROI on your $100 ad spend by getting as close to your target demographic as possible. That is, who are the people...
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    Is anyone selling apps published to Google Play?

    Check out
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    [JV] My bots: Snapchat, Tinder, Instagram + Your methods

    I have the best adult in the world right now. I've built up a monthly recurring revenue of $666 in 30 days with $0 in marketing. That is 100% true. PM to chat about this. My offer is not a Webcam site CPA. It is entirely unique and no one else in this industry is taking advantage of it like I am.
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    Shopify Joint Venture

    Hey, I have experience with the Shopify platform (currently running a store that I built up to $666 in monthly recurring revenue in just 30 days with $0 in marketing costs. Yes, you read that right, $0 in marketing. I swear that's 100% true. I've done a lot of advertising on FB Ad manager...
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    [JV] Your advertising skills, my adwords + fb account.

    I have experience with Adwords, FB Ad manager, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, and Traffic Junky. Curious to know more about what your offers are. PM if you are interested in chatting more
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    I have Fresh Emails in Weight Loss niche, looking partner for monetize

    I have a way to monetize your email marketing. I did all the email marketing for a SaaS startup business that grew from $0 to 1.2 million in sales in 1 year! PM if you are interested in chatting about it
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    Your Tested Method + My 4 Millions businesses list + My Inboxing Technique = $$$$$$$

    I have a strategy on how to sell SMB's on Social Media marketing. Think of it as the Tai Lopez of SMB's. PM if you are interested in chatting about it
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    joint Venture -monetising 200 Twitter accounts.

    I have a definite way to monetise your Twitter presence. I am already using Twitter to convert rando's into monthly recurring revenue. PM if you are interested.
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    Your traffic&my shopify store (Fast Money)

    PM with your Shopify store URL. I'll check out your products and if they are legit I can share a way for you to get tons of quality targeted traffic from Facebook to your Shopify store. You can even integrate the two so that customers can buy right on Facebook from you.
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    [JV] Huge Demand Product (eBay getting 1000$/day+) I Supply, You Sell.

    I have tons of experience building wordpress websites that I can integrate with dropshipping for your purposes. Quite frankly, I think the best solution is to create a Shopify store to sell through. 100x more modern than Ebay. PM me if you wanna chat about opportunities here
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    Because Snapchat has a "search username" feature they have dramatically nerfed people's spamming abilities with that. People were just randomly adding hundreds of users for the follow back strategy. Now from what I've read at most, you can manually add 130 people a day on Snapchat (ONLY if...
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    Using Darknet markets

    Has anyone ever bought drugs (LSD, shrooms, etc.) off a dark web marketplace? I just heard Joe Rogan (yes from the podcast) talk about how he bought some hallucinogen on the internet. Don't know if it was the dark web or not, but peaked my curiosity.
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    Pick My Next Lambo

    Unpopular argument: A self-driving car is way more of a flex than an expensive supercar. At the end of the day you are still angrily sitting in a traffic jam with all the wage slaves who hate their life. But with a self-driving car you are relaxing, working, napping, or maybe even getting your...