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  1. karthikjojo

    Hi... I'm new here... Is there any working method I can follow to earn like minimum 500$ a month...?

    Please do attach the link or to a thread .
  2. karthikjojo

    How to make our own movie website(like YTS) for free?

    Please, explain in detail
  3. karthikjojo

    Monero best to mine on CPU..?

    Can any1 tell any altcoin rather than monero which is perfect for only CPU mining...:)
  4. karthikjojo

    Can I mine monero on my college system?

    Any 1 help me clarify that can I mine a Monero coin through my college computers(I mean more than 100) but without GPU only CPU... Any trick is there please comment or if I am false please guide me.. Thanks in Adv.:)
  5. karthikjojo

    How to create our own Cryptocurrency?

    HELP! I want to create my own legacy in crypto world. So, guide me to create my own cryptocurrency. Thx on behalf
  6. karthikjojo

    Is any1 doing whiteboard animation?

    Please help me to get more websites about videoscribe and whiteboard animation...