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  1. cody41

    What tool are you using to manage multiple websites?

    Not specifically talking a keyword tracker, but just in general a tool that shows backlinks, job workflows (add more content, manage 5'ers,etc). Something where you can get a quick look at a table that shows all your websites and gives a quick glance at what you have? On a side note, does...
  2. cody41

    Question about the Article Writing market

    So my question is in regards to much on average are people paying per 100 words these days? Both from American/U.K based writers or Singapore/Indian/etc? Does anyone pay high end article prices anymore? Or has the industry become so commoditized that the floor has fallen out on...
  3. cody41

    Blackhat Oldtimers - In Here!

    So I've been back for only a day after several years of going offline to pursue offline investments (brick and mortars/real estate/etc) but in coming back I see not a lot has changed. Sure, the rules are a little different, but is there any REAL blackhat going on inside the interwebs that is...
  4. cody41

    Interesting Observation of One Authority Site post Penguin 2.1

    My wife's site which was grown organically has been in the top 3 for the past 10 months or so for about 12 different high profile LOCAL keywords. She runs a business locally. I purposely did not do any seo backlinking but instead let this site grow naturally so as to avoid any beatdown in the...
  5. cody41

    Need Impressions: Turbo Ranker

    Just found this new tool online: Can anyone give some impressions as to how well it performs and what exactly it's targetting? I'm always leery of new tools that claim "the best, fastest, most accurate, yadda.yadda.yadda". Is it more like SeDemon or more like GSA?
  6. cody41

    Need wordpress plugin modified

    I'm using the vantage theme on one of my sites, and I'm using this plugin to automatically post on facebook, twurk, tweeter, etc all my new pages and postings. It's a great plugin, but it's not allowing for different taxonomies to be posted out. Just...
  7. cody41

    Wordpress Custom Taxonomy Help

    Hey guys, Thought about doing a freelance gig for this, but i want to learn! I've got a plugin that submits out my posts and pages to various social sites (facebook, linkedin, plurk, twitter, etc). However, it's only doing it for my standard posts and pages, and NOT my custom posts within the...
  8. cody41

    Verified Success: No Hands Seo - MY case study

    Ok, so it's no secret I support many of the developers here on BHW as well as other sites. You know why? Because it makes my job easier when I'm using the tools and I can provide feedback so that they in turn can make it a better tool. I especially appreciate those devs who stick around longer...
  9. cody41

    Blackhat BST area for TOOLS please - mods please take notice

    Hey guys, Wasn't really sure where to post this, but with the new reorganisation of the buy sell trade area, it's really really hard to quickly scan the forum table and look for any new software packages being sold or the older threads that would get updated daily. It's now mixed with a ton of...
  10. cody41

    Rankbuilder NEO [relaunch] - same old, same old?

    So I'm seeing a ton of chatter on the inbox from superaffiliates about the "new" rankbuilder neo. Is this simplya relaunch of tool to get more exposure, or does it have new features? I'm guessing it's the same software but with sockets (probably got rid of the web window submitter..). Sound...
  11. cody41

    Curl Proxy Issues - Can't Figure This One Out - "cURL Error (7): couldn't connect to host"

    I've got php code that utilizes a random known GOOD google passed proxy to reach out and parse through google serps for keyword positioning. I've run this code on my developer's web server (which I believe is based in Taiwan if that matters) and the proxies work, and the google checkup works...
  12. cody41

    Any experience with this new all in one tool: Money Robot?

    Just saw this out there on the web. Surprising since this look to be pretty good and there's been no mention of it. Going to give the trial a go here and see what it's like. Anyone use it yet? UD clone? Damn..$500 for a lifetime license??? On the checkout there's an...
  13. cody41

    Does anyone have a generic php proxy tester script? Specifically for google passed proxies

    I've got a situation where I had a coder create a wordpress plugin for me but the proxy checking subroutine is sort of suspect, in my view. I need to pass along what others think is good code to throw an array of 1-x number of proxies to test to see if they're still good at the time of testing...
  14. cody41

    Does this exist? Proxy Checker that pulls in a list via txt file from url?

    So I have several tools that are pulling in and scanning for good proxies from a bunch of leech sites. The good list of proxies then gets saved to one of my website hosts. I'm now looking for a GOOD proxy checker that can then pull that same proxy text file down from my web host, check that...
  15. cody41

    Black Friday Deals on SEO Software?

    In my inbox, i just saw WebCEO marked down 50% (from $499 down to $250). Any other deals out there that you guys have come across? I'm sure Link-Assistant will have some kind of deal as well. Last year, Seo Link Robot had 45% off their lifetime license.
  16. cody41

    Common Backlinks Found Amongst Competitors? Does this tool exist?

    Just pinging the hivemind for a second and wanted to see if something like this exists. I'm not in the office right now, so I don't have quick access to my servers to see if Spyglass has this feature. Basically, I want to input in x number of sites and see what domain backlinks they share...
  17. cody41

    FCS Networker - Anyone use it?

    Saw this on youtube - Looks pretty good, they don't show any of the submissions in the video though. Anyone buy this yet?
  18. cody41

    Is it still possible to rotate queries against the different Google Database Center IPs?

    I've got some code I need to test, and in helping the proxies not get burned out so fast, I think doing lookups against different data centers would be pretty good. Does anyone have a list of them by IP?
  19. cody41

    .Net & C++ Desktop Software Developer Needed

    Looking for someone well versed in data visualization. Will involve scraping google, utilizing proxies and outputing relationships. Think "" If interested, pm me and I'll discuss details
  20. cody41

    SEO/Keyword Plugin Dashboard - Need Input

    I need some input to design metrics for a seo dashboard/keyword plugin that I'm still developing (WP-SEOAGENCY). I made a plugin a while ago for Wordpress that allows you to basically forgo paying online tools (which charge a monthly fee of course) and just using wordpress as that same platform...