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  1. Rapper

    U2bviews error "Error Please enable flash then Reopen the software"

    Hi guys, I'm having 5x vps running u2bviews right now, but unfortunately it's won't getting credits 24/7 because of the error. I've installed flash player both on Internet Explorer and Firefox. But it's still having the same problem. What else can i do now to fix the problem? I will give $5...
  2. Rapper

    My website got blocked by kaspersky phising url, what to do?

    How to fix this? It's seem to be CPA Network problem, Since I'm using their content locker. I also have sent email to kaspersky about false alarm, this is what they've reply: Hello, a lot of redirects to fake sms lottery and services. For example Any ideas...
  3. Rapper

    Can they hack my PayPal account if i use proxy?

    I'm going to use AOL Proxy to log in my paypal account. Is it possible for them to know password with just proxy or VPN?
  4. Rapper

    Top 10 Shorten Url Website to Advertise with

    Can anyone list me Top 10 shorten url website that have massive traffics and worth to advertise with. All i know is adfly and adfocus. Thank you :D
  5. Rapper

    Factory Unlock Jailbroken iPhone

    Hello, I have question to ask about Factory Unlock Jailbroken iPhone. Do i need to use Original Firmware to activate it after Unlocked? Or can i just use Jailbroken activate it using iTunes ?
  6. Rapper

    iPhone 5 - 64GB Factory Unlocked - $362 Each

    Is this LEGIT price? I saw the price on Ebay.. But you have to order 20 phones for $7250 ($362 each).. Minimum order 2 phones $1300 ($650 each)... Anyone have experience please share..
  7. Rapper

    New Youtube Template LEAKED!!!

  8. Rapper

    Help me my iphone 4 won't turn on or restore error 3194 and error 21

    I have jailbroken iphone 4 firmware 4.2.3 (i think so) then i want to update it to 5.1.1 orginal firmware... so i decide to Format it by go Setting>General>Reset>Erase All Files and Setting.... After that my iphone won't turn on... it's stuck at apple logo.. But then i try to restore with 5.1.1...
  9. Rapper

    PAYPAL doesn't review my document

    I have been submit document to un-limited my account. But somehow it's took like a month now! it's still in progress status WTF? Also i have send them email to check my account. So maybe it can make the progress faster, After a day they reply me back the progress may take 48-72 hours. BUT...
  10. Rapper

    Facebook Like & Share Gateway

    Anyone can suggest me a good Facebook Like & Share gateway (only show when visitor logged on facebook) script for website. :confused::confused:
  11. Rapper

    Any good content locking network?

    I'm looking for 3-4 content locking network with postback support, good payout and high conversion rate. any suggestion? :confused:
  12. Rapper

    Want someone to Photoshop Photo ID and Proof of Address for Paypal

    Hey guys, I'm looking for someone who can help me Photoshop Photo ID and Proof of address to remove limitation on my Limited Australian Paypal account. I'm willing to pay. Must have experience with this and ever did successful before, I don't want to lose my paypal account T.T :( :(
  13. Rapper

    [WTH] Someone to Verify my Australian PayPal Limited Account for $50

    I'm willing to pay someone $50 or so to verify my Limited Australian PayPal account, This account is clean, And I'm not Australian, I Signed up Australian PayPal account because PayPal doesn't support my country. After verify it, I'll send all the money to my credit card and close the account...
  14. Rapper

    [HELP] My PayPal is Limited

    Can i use VCC to verify my Australian PayPal account? :confused: :confused: I'm willing to pay if someone can help me. PS: My Account is Limited PS: I'm not Australian
  15. Rapper

    Amazing 3D & Funny Youtube Channel

    It's from Expendables movie's channel So fuckin' awesome :D :D
  16. Rapper

    Brand new Google's Images search

    just check out your self :D, it's look good :D i just see it today, trying to search for "sexy gay" LOL
  17. Rapper

    GOOGLE vs MSN vs YAHOO - Who will get Pwned?

    <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=""...
  18. Rapper

    Please beware alot of Scammer Here - Please don't trust anyone

    PS: my english is bad, but i want you to know. i just get fk'd by fker in here i'll tell you how it goes: i have post thread about my youtube views here and one day i got message on my PM box that fker said wanna do JV with me, and he said he have 1.4million fan on FB, imagine...
  19. Rapper

    Which host is best and allow Copyright's Site (Movie, Music)

    Please recommend me Best Hosting which i can host my music blog. is HostGator allow this?
  20. Rapper

    [HELP] *Postback Script for Adscendmedia*

    I'm use MyGeekVouch script, But the default gateway is cp4l34d, and it's not work well for me, i wanna change to adscendmedia gateway, but i don't know how to write postback script, anyone can help me with the script and help me set the gateway i'll pay $8 :(:(:(:(