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    Funny article about Negative SEO in the news lol

    Last week I stumbled across a article in the news in my country about Negative SEO. I love how they act like this is a new trend, it has been going on for many years in the Casino and Sports Betting niches probably since 2000 so they are 14 years late on this story...
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    Best Place to sell Facebook pages?

    Hi All, I currently have one Facebook page which has generated a few offers, just via random people on the page who message. It is a niche specific page in the - Beauty Industry. The page has no trademark issues as it is a 100% generic term for that industry. It is just a generic term which...
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    Five good white hat Tools I am using you may not be using?

    I wanted to make a post to share some new white hat tools I have been testing, 1. Broken link building Meta Search site: This is really useful for looking for broken links or for sites where people do not link too you, you can even use it for finding guest blogging opportunities example use...
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    Any one getting stupid offers on large FB pages?

    So I own a few decent pages on FB which I have built up.....Sure I have lost a whole heap of pages over the years too =( I notice recently I have been getting messages from young kids who are like "Hi I like the page I will give you $8,000". Most of these profiles look fresh ie low friend...
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    Potential sale of a Varified page

    hi All, I have a Facebook pages which has 80,000 people on it, Had two different people offer money for it. The page is currently Varified by FB and every thing is working gets like 25,000 uniques a month.. Some one has offered $2,000 bux What do you think it is worth.
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    People spamming Malware via FB like

    Ok so I was scanning some pages on the weekend which I own and I see people spamming the shit out of this Malware doctor... It pisses me off that people are using these methods to get money from FB because really it hurts the people who want to get money via something more clean like CPA. I...
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    How to unblock publishing rights THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!

    Ok so last week one of my bigger pages Mid XXX,XXX (fans) on Facebook which I run in conjunction with a website, both the site and the page have the same name, the url of this page had the same name as the site..IT basically had its Publishing rights blocked by Facebook for no apparent reason at...
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    .htm page to .html do I need to 301 all old pages..

    I have a old site which has been indexed for 3-4 years the old layout sucked so I have a new layout which I have made. What I am worried about is the old layout is in .htm format and the new layout is in .html format?? Stupid question possibly but will I need to 301 all the htm pages to...
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    Question about possible sale of a page

    Hi all, I own a page for a generic term on Facebook i.e. Kissing, Money ect ect which has around 100,000 fans...The page gets huge user use and has like 10,000 fan photos!!! every time you post a message it generates big reactions. One specific user has emailed me a few times regarding a...
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    Any one been asked to change a Facebook page name??

    Hi all, any one received a email like this from Facebook basically I had a page with a generic name, had like 20k members, they asked me to add a fan widget to the site, I did it then they send me a email saying they can not verify it I need to change the name of the page, I did this now I have...
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    Best free of paid press release sites for link building

    Hi all, I am looking to find some great quality press release websites for making articles and then generating links, at the moment I have been a fan of but you have to pau 20 pound per release, does any one know any better options =) I also need sites that are guaranteed...
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    Authenticate a Facebook Page does not even work?

    Hi I own about 40 Facebook pages, I don't mess with stupid pages only generic keyword pages which are linked to websites, I never spam and most of the time never post any thing, just do account maintenance ie remove spammers some of my pages get hit hard by spammers daily. Today I get a...
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    Any one use Radian6 Or Buzz Metrics?

    Just curious to see what social media monitoring software people are using here, I am talking about higher level software?? What is your faviouite social media tool paid or free??
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    looking for 500 likes on a Facebook fan page photo?

    Hi, I am looking to buy 500~ likes on a facebook photo, which I have uploaded to a page!!! I know you can do this automated with Face Wizard and other programs, linked to accounts? Can some one please pm me if they offer this service??? And a price too please.. Please only trusted users, thanks
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    Need ideas how to get 100s of likes on a photo

    Hi guys, I need some ideas on how to get 100s of likes on a photo which I have uploaded to a page. does any one have any tactics? I mean i have pages where I post a wall post saying please like this picture, but it seems to get little to none..these pages have like 100k too, other content...
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    Any one notice this strategy Facebook is doing.

    Has any one with Fan pages noticing the trend Facebook is doing - You have a decent sized fan page with like 200k members, it's one of those easy pages like "I hate my ex girlfriend" blah blah.. Facebook seems to block the feed, then move the page to community pages, for no reason at all...
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    starting a new job worrying about online stuff.

    Ok so next week I start a new job working full time for a big advertising agency, one of the biggest in the world, the opportunities are endless. Now I am worried about my extensive online activities. I have around 70 content websites, 1 SEO company online. Endless Social media and...
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    Tip to make some easy articles

    Hello I see a few people on here saying "how to I write articles for my niche" So here is a tip which may sound pretty stupid for the OG members but its been working for me - 1) You have your niche say its "cooking" 2) Go onto 3) Search for "cooking" 4) Find a...
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    Easy $5+ a day on Facebook. (legit method)

    Hello, Here is a easy way to make $5 a day with Adsense and a targeted website with Facebook Pages. Basically all you need is a Facebook Page with over 10k page members, its best to use a page thats getting a high amount of new ad's each day. Then use "FBML" (search for it on Facebook) Add...
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    New member from Australia.

    Hello I am a new member from Australia, I have been working in online marketing for 5 years. Great forum you guys have here, some really good information, unlike other forums where people just spam it with annoying questions. I hope to share some money making ideas with people.