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  1. langtoi

    [ Give away ] 20 4 month old reddit accounts to anyone who finds my reddit accounts I was like this guy 2-3 months ago, I think if someone knows how to fix it they won't say but still I hope some advice can revive my 300 account :) The new account is still working fine for me but those 300 accounts are also very valuable...
  2. langtoi

    【 SELL】 How to make money from CPA network with Reddit Spam

    I want to sell the method of using reddit as traffic for monetization that I am using. One method you can use reddit is traffic to monetize which can be used with ad networks CPA CPM with the largest networks available today MY METHOD WILL GUIDE YOU FROM THE BEGINNING I sell my method and show...
  3. langtoi

    [ JOURNEYS ] to make 50$ in a day with FACEBOOK spamming method

    Parallel to the REDDIT method, I will open more topics about the journey to earn 50 $ per day with facebook CPA. Ready with 40 facebook accounts ready to go With this method I will post completely manually because I haven't created a bot for it yet because I use 2 mobile phones with 20...
  4. langtoi

    [ JOURNEYS ] to make 50$ in a day with REDDIT spamming method

    Hello to all BHW members My journey towards my goal of making 50$/day with reddit spam link CPA is back. I have prepared myself with the necessary tools to achieve my goal 30 newly created reddit accounts and start in 2 days with 50 karma per account. 10 pre-made .com .net domains to redirect...
  5. langtoi

    Cheap domain name .com .net only $3/domain/year

    Hi everybody, I am selling .net .com domain for only $3 here. Domain name will not be renewed All regular domains will transfer DNS to cloudflare for management Once payment is received, we will send cloudflare account with successfully registered domains to you in 1-2 business hours. Domain...
  6. langtoi

    [Journey] Earn 20-30$ per day by spam link on reddit

    20 proxies for $8.8 and start your journey i am working 2-3 hours/day and in the last 3 days i have earned more than 40$ I will work harder and my goal is 30$/day more regularly
  7. langtoi

    Want advice on where to sell traffic?

    i have spam method on reddit to generate huge amount of traffic currently i am still working with smart link at lospollos but earning only about 30-40$/week traffic from reddit can you open a service to increase youtube views? because i want to earn extra income
  8. langtoi

    vertical matching traffic from reddit

    i am trying with lospollos with verticals Dating and Adult Games but my conversion rate is too low. 100% of my traffic comes from reddit, is there any vertical recommendation for better conversion rate with traffic from reddit? thanks . sorry my english is pretty bad
  9. langtoi

    Where should CPA for adult websites start?

    i have an adult website accessing about 1k/day, i'm doing CPM with exo earning about 10$/day, i want to advertise more CPA array, can you suggest me a few places where i can do it, my english very bad, sorry