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  1. nethead01

    lost my website ranking with new theme

    I just recently update my website design to a new theme, i had about 300+ number 1 rankings and now at least 70% of them disappeard, is this normal and will they come back?
  2. nethead01

    Is Dogs of Elon a good investment?

    I'm pretty new in the space of crypto but I have been checking out this coin and seems to be getting a big hype during its pre sell, i haven't bought yet but thinking about it
  3. nethead01

    questions about tier link building

    is scrapebox good for tier 2 links? if not what is the best program for this tier 2 and 3 can you send tier 2 to pbn and guestposts? i would think maybe they don't want shitty links to their sites and might remove my link, is this right or how you do it?
  4. nethead01

    aged domain with no links better than newly registered?

    Does buying a 3 year old domain that was parked with zero links better than a newly registered domain? I am trying to speed up the rate of getting indexed and ranked. I don't mind doing the linkbuilding but just curious if there is any benefit buying aged from godaddy auctions.
  5. nethead01

    Where to hire really good web developers?

    I find it a struggle to find really good web developers and designers, does anyone have recommendations of where I can find them at? Freelancer is garbage these days, where did all the good talent go?
  6. nethead01

    GMB and FB ads CTR

    Does anyone have experience running FB ads to your GMB? I know of some blackhat techniqes using the keyword in the URL and I tried it but FB would not let me use that url or maybe I don't know how to do it right. I am thinking of just sending the traffic to the GMB share URL would this work...
  7. nethead01

    Copycat competitors copy design

    I have a local business with a custom designed website and I completely dominate my entire area in a 100 mile radius. I now have copycats, they copy unique parts of my design that is not seen anywhere else however in my design there is functionality behind the elements and they don't have...
  8. nethead01

    if you lost all your online income??

    and started from scratch but got to retain all your knowledge how long would it take you to get it back?
  9. nethead01

    is unique content for every guest post important?

    how important is unique content for every guest post?
  10. nethead01

    Is there a program to spin images?

    I am looking for a way to spin images to create unique images. I have about 20 images and want to create about 300 or more. I really don't want to have to do this manually. Any other options?
  11. nethead01

    Have you ever had a site penalized?

    If so what did you do to cause it and how long did it take to recover if ever?
  12. nethead01

    Why does this site out rank that site?

    I'm just doing some research against my competitors and I have come across something that confuse me. Site with a DR of 3.4 and PR of 5 out ranks the other site that has better metrics this page has 1700 words, site age 1 year - 15,832 backlinks 80 referring domains Both with similar onpage...
  13. nethead01

    How long to realistically build a DR 30+ website?

    I have a brand new local business site that I am working on and my top 2 biggest competitors have DR 30+ websites with about 300-400 RD and pretty decent onpage SEO, (the rest of the competition is very weak) but my website is brand new and I want to outrank them for the main keywords. My onpage...
  14. nethead01

    Ranking local GMB tip

    I have experienced some good ranking increase by using this method. I have an actual local service based business and I'm actually in the areas I'm trying to rank. I don't know how this could work for trying to rank remotely.. Create a post or upload photos from the GMB app with your smartphone...
  15. nethead01

    Links for 30 inner city pages for my website

    I'm looking for links to power up 30 city pages on my website. "keyword in city" x 30urls All pages are already ranked in page 1 or 2 with a few at #1. Looking for a good boost and to strengthen the urls. Tell me what you have to offer. Looking for good quality.
  16. nethead01

    how to structure site for multi city service business?

    Option 1 will create a lot of duplicated pages except changing the city name 15 services x 20 cities will create 300 pages City page yousite .com/orlando-pest-control -unique city page content Services -yoursite .com/ant-control-orlando > duplicated service content only change city name...
  17. nethead01

    Mass page builders with thousands pages duplicate content?

    Does anyone have experience in creating thousands of pages of duplicated content on the same site with only changing keywords for each location+service? I seen them working a few years ago but is this still a good solution for local SEO? Will google index all those duplicated pages?
  18. nethead01

    Does having a blog on your site help with ranking?

    I have been doing some competitive analyst on the top ranking sites in my niche, my niche is local services. I checked a lot of the top ranking websites in different cities and I found that the top sites don't really have that many backlinks or a very high DR actually some pretty low. But the...
  19. nethead01

    Mobile hotspot + Windows new user accounts

    I've been researching for days on how to keep all my GMB accounts seperate and creating new gmails.. this is the method I am going to try and use mobile hotspot + windows user profile accounts.. will this work? I only plan on doing like 50 accounts
  20. nethead01

    Who has the Best GMB course for lead gen?

    I'm looking to purchase a GMB course for lead gen.. if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be very helpful.. also free course would be even better lol I only know of one course it think its called local client takeover or something but the guy is a complete douchebag so I...