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  1. TechEinstien

    New Ways to Get Backlink

    I have received following mail today New way to threat people. ""
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    How to Start Training a Wife Internet Marketing??

    Hello, I am confused about how to start teaching my wife all about internet marketing like seo, affiliate marketing & all other activities blackhat or white hat. The ultimate goal is to earn money. I am not sure what should I start teaching first. She doesn't have much knowledge about my work...
  3. TechEinstien

    Best Offers to Promote by Spamming Emails?

    I have some huge list of emails. Most of them are not niche specific. So, I am looking to spam those emails. What type of affiliate or cpa offers are best suitable to this. Send emails is not a problem. But I am just looking for ideas.
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    Is Sendinblue lifetime deal worth on Appsumo?

    I just saw a Sendinblue lifetime deal around $80 is it worth it? What are the cons? Can they ban us if we run blackhat campaigns?
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    Need Footprints to Scrape Contact form urls

    Hello, I have a list of URLs and want to scrape the contact page of those URLs. I want to know the footprints to be used in the Page scanner of scrapebox Thanks
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    How to get on Top of Quora Top Links?

    Does anyone have an idea about it? Sometimes it is even difficult to get on Top Links. But what strategies work to get on top of that?
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    Get Free .ooo Domains

    Get Free .ooo Domains
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    Have you Increased Meta Description Length on your site?

    As all you know google updated meta description length to 320 characters. Have you changed all your meta descriptions? After google update i am seeing around 20% increase in traffic. But haven't made any changes in meta description yet. Should i do it? How to embed keywords in 320 characters...
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    Share your Influencer Page & receive a $100 Gift Card!

    Got this mail from Amazon. How to exactly share post in facebook? Hey there, Thanks for being an Amazon Influencer. We want to help you be successful in the Influencer Program and have a special offer for you. If you share your Influencer Page’s vanity URL in a post to your followers and send...
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    Shopify Charged me $29. Can i get it back?

    So, i registered for shopify trial 60 days ago. After few days i shifted my website to Wordpress because i don't want to spend monthly payment on their plans. But i forgot to remove my Debit Card from it. In the meantime i forgot about that and yesterday i have been charged with their basic...
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    Which Link Shortner paying site works on Instagram?

    which link shortners works on instagram which pay per 1000 views?
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    Automatically replace someone else affiliate urls?

    Hello, My website is related to coupons & deals. i have set it to automatically copy deals from other websites. but i am facing difficulty in affiliate links. suppose, my website copied deal from others site. there url is like this...
  13. TechEinstien

    Need Help in CPA Website

    Hello, I started my first CPA website which is based on game hack around 9th August. i am noob in it. I got expired domain in same niche. content was already there so i restored it. So, invested nothing except buying domain. Copied youtube video and uploaded to my channel and embeded in...
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    How to Display Round Picture with about me on Sidebar?

    Any plugins? I want to show round picture with 3-4 lines about me. i don't need social icons.
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    How this Website is showing different in search engine?

    How it is showing differently. Below description there are 3 different article links good image hosting site
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    Amazon Affiliate Application Rejected. Pls Help

    Hello, i am noob in amazon affiliate and it is my very first affiliate site. I applied for Amazon affiliated 15 days back. During this period i made 3 sales with around $4 earnings. Although product was totally different from products i am promoting. So, Today i got this mail from amazon...
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    Need Help : whether to put www before domain or not on expired domain?

    i have purchased expired domain and i have used www before domain. it has DA & PA of 15 and 29 previously. now i am using it with www so it has no PA. So, should i change it and continue without www? sorry for bad english
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    Which Genesis Child Theme is good for Amazon Affiliate Website?

    I want to know which Genesis Child Theme is good for Amazon Review Site. Also, Mention Some Essential Plugins for amazon affiliate site.
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    How to structure my amazon silo website

    i read many threads regarding silo based website. but still can't understand. Need help from fellow bhw users. This will be my first Amazon Affiliate Website. My amazon based website have few sub niches. For Example Golf website targeting various different products within it. Suppose Golf...
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    Found Some Excellent Keywords for Amazon Affiliate

    Finally, After spending so much time at BlackHatWorld i will start my first Amazon Affiliate Website. i searched few good keywords. Below one is excellent. also find others related keywords with keyword difficulty level below 15. Around 7000 monthly searches in total.