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    [GROUP BUY] Perfect Pinterest Joomla Clone - Brand New, Best out there!

    I am looking for 5-10 people (no more) to JV with me for a group buy of AppTha's new Joomla Pinterest theme for $250 total. The cost would be $25-50 per person depending on interest. It was just released and is perfect for anyone else wanting to jump on the Pinterest buzz before it's...
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    Spinnerchief + Scheduled Emails = Reinstated Facebook Account

    Fortunately there is hope for those of you out there for those of you who have not only been banned, but permanently banned from Facebook. I justifiably suffered the ban-hammer HARD about a year ago, but was able to successfully reinstate my account by writing a formal letter to Facebook's DC...
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    Official Facebook Content Screening Manual Leaked - Hilarious Training Examples -Discuss!

    Just saw an article on Gawker about the Facebook's content moderation team that's outsourced through Odesk. The 17 page manual that accompanied the article is hilarious and as a bonus does provide some inside into how FB screens content. It also points out how Zuckerberg exploits people from...
  4. M - How can they use it FB in the name without trademark infringement?

    They have ads posted on the site... so they are monetizing it. It's been around for a long time, but wondering how they have skirted a UDRP or lawsuit from Facebook? Any thoughts?
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    Digital East Conference Today

    Anyone attending the Digital East Conference in DC today?
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    Digital East Conference Today

    Anyone attending the Digital East conference in Tyson's Corner Va today?
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    Facebook Notes SEO

    Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of whether or not facebook notes are useful for seo these days? I know in the past that they gave you search friendly urls for the notes, but now it seems to give an internal facebook address without keywords. Anyone?
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    Payee Name on Check Question

    Background: I have a situation where an affiliate program will make the check out to the name of the company that I give them, which up until this point I have not registered as an LLC. The check lists my personal name and address in the bottom left section, so my bank has had no problem...
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    You know what is shocking? Billion Dollar Valued Internet Companies that are clueless

    Don't know how to secure their brand and property on the internet. Absolutely shocking to me that companies can have thousands of employees and millions of visitors a day and can't implement basic procedures.
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    GeoIp Script for FB Iframe CPA Offers?

    Does anyone know of if it is possible to host a geoip script through your iframed FB app on a facebook page? My problem is that the traffic I am getting is from many countries. I have a US hosted only offer listed since it pays the most, but I am missing out on LOTS of international traffic...
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    What do you think of hyphens in urls?

    The purpose would be to hijack traffic from an established brand. The keyword rich version of the url I want is unavailable, however it is possible to add a hyphen and include the keywords. Does it make any difference to the SERPS?
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    HasOffers + CPA Redirector 2

    Hi - I am new to the redirecting business, but not to the affiliate marketing business. My question is... Has anyone had a positive experience (eg. payable results) with using CPA redirector 1 or 2 (or an alternative) with HASOFFERS??? I have a solid paying relationships with a white label...
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    Facebook + Ubot

    I recently purchased a copy of UBot and going through the courses to learn the software... Anyone successfully using it to program scripts w/ Facebook?
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    Facebook Post Insights Bug Update from FB

    Facebook Currently Fixing Post Insights Bug Posted by Nick O'Neill on January 25th, 2011 3:23 PM Share47 Comments (1) Since Facebook first rolled out the new real-time post insights last week, many page administrators have...
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    Facebook Search Directory Submissions?

    Do any of you submit your facebook fan page urls to the search engines? Lately, I have started to notice some heavy link love from Bing. On further inspection it seems that they are simply going off of the title of your page to index it, not necessarily the alias. Wondering if it would be...
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    Any Phillipines Offers?

    I have a ton of users from the Phillipines and would like to monetize them in addition to my other users. Any suggestions?
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    Site5 Hosting + Additional IPS

    I am considering switching hosts to Site5 and interested in purchasing additional IP addresses. There is an option on their website to do so, but does anyone have any experience using them?? (or any other suggestions?) I would simply go to Ubiquity, but I understand that they do not allow...
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    Do Neoapp & Tinnie app require VPS?

    This may be a newbie question but I have had some difficulty installing either of these programs with my current webhost HostGator... do these apps require file permissions that are blocked by shared hosts...?? I'd like to avoid upgrading to a VPS unless it's necessary! Thanks
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    Question about Facebook Backlinks

    Does anyone know if Google counts a link that is placed in a fan page's profile as a backlink? What about in the "notes" section or the "description" in the upper left hand corner?
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    LivingSocial - Anyone Promoting them?

    Just curious if anyone else is in their affiliate program and if you are seeing results? I am coming up on a payment and wanted to see if others have been paid and what their auditing process is like...