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  1. minute80

    Yahoo To Shut Down Del.icious

    This only points out have safe it to keep stuff online in the cloud. Same with games that need online activation, Google Docs etc. I am not saying that they will disappear, but shareholders can conclude that they don't need that service again and simply shut it down. I have been dragging some of...
  2. minute80

    Does anyone know any good sites where you can sell hotels

    Is it taken? We could have our first customer :D
  3. minute80

    Should I start a web designing company?

    Be a man and do both. There is nothing that stops you in doing so. If you succeed you will develop nice and efficient working habits that will help you later in life (organizing, time efficiency, hiring/firing)
  4. minute80

    need partner for facebook game app

    Oh, its that kind of application (PHP turn-based one). Well, I hope it works for you and that you didn't spent too much money on it (more then 1k USD would be too much). Cheers and good luck!
  5. minute80

    Watch and be amazed with the female slightly moderated body

    Hm, this could be the most useless talent ever...
  6. minute80

    TEST - Thai Lady or Thai Ladyboy?

    Errr...I will just say to Thailand for me.
  7. minute80

    How to monetize flash games ?

    Try using some CPM network, CPC won't work that efficient.
  8. minute80

    BH Methods to stay awake? lol

    Well I would recommend you to avoid it, as beeing awake for 7 days straight has potential to carry you onto the other side. However: 1. Forget coffee. Much better choice is some flavour of black tea. It will awake all of your body, not just increase your heart rate. 2. As people already...
  9. minute80

    How to find the Website Programming/Script Language???

    Well as you figured out, the fastest way to get that information is to look into file extensions. However, finding out in which language some web site is written is completely unimportant for your coding effort. I will explain why. The target platform for all websites are HTML+Javascript...
  10. minute80

    Funeral Donations - 3 Of My Family Members Murdered

    Sincere condolences friend. I sent you a small donation, hope it will help you, at least a bit.
  11. minute80

    Can the US Govt get privacy protected whois?

    They can quite easily. Privacy protected whois is just there for convenience, it is not to help you fight censorships and such.
  12. minute80

    US playing the boss of Internet again...

    No worries here. They will just blacklist domains, possibly order registars to remove them. This can be easily solved, by using alternative DNS or by using alternative TLDs.
  13. minute80

    Looking for someone to take me through the process of getting an offshore bank act

    Exactly. The only "viable" solution I could think of, was to open Paypal/Moneybookers account and that I am the only one that knows passwords for them. Bank accounts would be used to verify those, and funds would never actually land in bank. For b2b exchange, money would go through processor...
  14. minute80

    I Am So ********* To BHW

    While we are at it, can someone unblock ****** for me (G-L-O-B-A-L)?
  15. minute80

    Is It Mathematically Possible To Crack The Lottery Formula?

    Laplace transformations are used in control theory and are useless in this domain.
  16. minute80

    Need Pay Per Install Programs

    Not allowed to be discussed here.
  17. minute80

    how do blackhatters make money?

    You have been told wrong. Have you ever wonder why are we called black hatters? The answer is simple enough... We manufacture and sell hats in black colour. That's it. Please, do not share this method outside this forum, it will get saturated.
  18. minute80

    Looking for someone to take me through the process of getting an offshore bank act

    Well, let me explain my worries a bit more: 1) You decide to incorporate in some offshore country and you find a service to do so. 2) Usually you need to get Nominee director to, since they ask for local or someone with visa to be in the company (like in Singapore). 3) From what I read, you...
  19. minute80

    Looking for someone to take me through the process of getting an offshore bank act

    That's not limiting at all. Now you have 2 entities doing the same thing. :cool:
  20. minute80

    Looking for someone to take me through the process of getting an offshore bank act

    Thanks given. Well I don't live in USA, and tax service here is much less capable then in other parts of the world. And even if they were more effective, I wouldn't mind sharing details with them (worst case scenario), since owning a business out of home country is not a crime. There is a...