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  1. TheJackofTrade

    I need FB Profile verification + IG verification

    sent you a pm about services that help with your insta verification
  2. TheJackofTrade

    New member here

    welcome back !!! ;)
  3. TheJackofTrade

    Hi BH world!

    welcome amigo
  4. TheJackofTrade

    Instagram Is Weird !!

    mos of them offer reports for the PR they did on your behalf, and of course in the end is down to insta to approve the badge according to the PR and your status as an actual person of interest
  5. TheJackofTrade

    Music claim method

    I am not missing the question, i just have no ideea how many seconds hahaha you can claim on anything if you get approved for ADS . if you mean a 2-3 min youtube video if its monetizable than yes it can be (less effective than a 9 min or a 14 min video but still monetizable)
  6. TheJackofTrade

    Hello World

    Welcome to BHW, have fun, learn a lot and follow the rules :D .
  7. TheJackofTrade

    Music claim method

    distokid has some options for youtube as well, check that out, and it should cover all of your issues. If you are wondering about the length of the video, it matters for diff reason but overall all videos can be monetized on youtube, some more than others (this is where the length of the video...
  8. TheJackofTrade

    Music claim method

    it depends what do you mean by claim ? Do you want to be monetized ? or do you need to have music to you as an artist and claim royalties ?
  9. TheJackofTrade

    cheap high-quality installs | play/ios

    there are some panels that offer great options, browse through the marketpalce
  10. TheJackofTrade

    Content so good, You will feel like licking the screen!

    I want a kick-ass sales copy
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    congrats!!!! the more the merrier! :D :D
  12. TheJackofTrade

    Ciao Belli!

    Ciao! Welcome to BHW!
  13. TheJackofTrade

    Instagram Is Weird !!

    there are some services that offer a lot and if they have a Jr Vip most of them wouldn't risk it with scams. but do your research and i am sure you will find the gems you are looking for.
  14. TheJackofTrade

    Looking wedding Blog - backlinks

    PM sent. Kindly check your inbox. Thanks
  15. TheJackofTrade

    Need of Financial Publication

    PM sent, Pls check your inbox. Thanks
  16. TheJackofTrade

    WTB - Snapchat verification services

    Added you on Skype.