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  1. Bigblast

    Which best android mobile Set would be better $350 on Budget ?

    Tittle is enough for understanding
  2. Bigblast

    What is the best and cheapest hosting

    I want to add maximum 5-6 hosting and migration and email. And need to speed according to customer visit So what is the best hosting site?
  3. Bigblast

    China is going to win the 3rd World War without Firing a Missile

    What do you think?
  4. Bigblast

    We need Apps to use BHW

    I'm requesting to owner of BHW , We need BHW mobile application for Android and IOS for using this community. Why we can't developing an Apps still?
  5. Bigblast

    Can I adsvertise my direct Amazon affiliate Link in Facebook?

    Hi Folks, I want to advertise my amazon direct affiliate link in Facebook. Is it against Amazon TOS? Thanks
  6. Bigblast

    Need Youtube and Twitter viewer

    # Need 100 million views in my YouTube video link # Need 70 million views in my twitter link If anyone can do that knock me with your rate. Thanks
  7. Bigblast

    Keyword Research - tool to find prefixes?

    Hey gang, I'm pretty experienced with keyword research and used a few of the tools out there but I want to do something a little different not covered by the usual usage. I'd like to search for the words people use before a phrase and find a lost of those. Examples "**" for living room "" for...
  8. Bigblast

    What is the best WP Company Theme and for SEO?

    Hello Everybody, I need best review of wp theme for company site and with good SEO feathers. Thanks
  9. Bigblast

    Natural Link Building Opportunies

    Can anyone recommend a few natural sites for external link building that are not requesting you pay a fee to post on their site?
  10. Bigblast

    WPEngine - My experience

    I started using WP Engine about 2 years ago. I moved from Blue Host, so it was significant step up. Pros: - Easy to reach customer support - Good at fixing small issues - Ease of use Cons: - Price: Compared to what you get, it's a total ripoff - Lack of urgency when your site goes down...
  11. Bigblast

    How can I get reactive upwork permanently suspended account ?

    How can I get reactive upwork permanently suspended account ? My acccount has been suspending for 2 years. So how can I get my account reactive?
  12. Bigblast

    Free Godaddy Email

    I have 11 domains in Godaddy, Can I get 11 email Free?
  13. Bigblast

    Content Writer and SEO Strategy (link building)

    Hi there people! I recently got hired by a really cool company as a content writer. That's obviously good news and I'm really happy about it. However, the role is a bit more complicated than just writing content. During my career so far, I've focused solely on writing. I have no problem doing...
  14. Bigblast

    Google shows 50 pages indexed. Only 19 in the actual search.

    So basically, when I check number of pages indexed in google, it shows 50. When I check via seo analytics websites, it also shows 50, but when I actually check it in google through host: it shows 19. Additionally, any new materials I add to the website are successfully indexed and...
  15. Bigblast

    Question about Yoast

    So, I just got off the phone with the guys that built our website. In fact it was the founder of the company I just spoke with, they are a web dev and marketing agency. We only needed Web Dev and no SEO, as that is what I do. Some of our pages need to be re-written due to duplicate content (long...
  16. Bigblast

    Best mainstream examples of SEO websites?

    As an academic researcher (not in an SEO field, but in the humanities). I'm getting started on a project that does some humanities-oriented analysis/discussion of SEO and its implications. I'm trying to find a few examples of websites that are widely regarded as well-designed in terms of SEO...
  17. Bigblast

    Need Web developer

    # You have to remove those links that do not work in my site # How fast can u get rid of those 4 links on top of my video # Testing how fast how good you are in next 20 minutes
  18. Bigblast

    How can I recovery my gmail without sending code?

    Hi Folks I try many times to recovery my gmail but failed, I forgot my pass and recovery phone and email. But i failed many times to recovery it . How can I recovery it ? anybody can help me? Thanks
  19. Bigblast

    Can deleting a page with too much traffic hurt my Google ranking?

    I have a post that generates a lot of traffic to my site, however this post is no longer needed on my site, and worse, this post has a huge bounce rate, which raises the average bounce rate of my site. I thought about deleting and redirecting to my home. Is there any problem in doing this?
  20. Bigblast

    Do you Like Google Search Console New Design or structure?

    Hey Folks According to me old Google Search Console is better then New one