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  1. bbrez1

    Indexification Indexing

    I have an indexification account that has 20 days left and I'm currently not using it. I'd rather give some blasts away then let it sit. Would love to blast some random backlinks for you. I have a limit of 50.000 per day so I will do 10k per user today. Just reply here. First 5 will get it.
  2. bbrez1

    Marketing a social networking website?

    I've been struggling with getting a word out about our new social media website. Functionality wise it's similar to the popular social networking sites but targeted to a specific niche. All my experience has been building backlinks to blogs, service or review websites. Marketing a social media...
  3. bbrez1

    Looking for experienced marketing expert to help us promote our politics related website

    Hey, Got any good social media or seo strategies that could benefit authority websites? We need you! We recently launched our new website that is politics related and are struggling getting the word around. Looking for someone that has some ideas on how to help us promote it. Please contact...
  4. bbrez1

    Hiring Virtual Assistant

    Need a reliable virtual assistant that will help us promote our website (startup). First few tasks will be related to copy/pasting and creating accounts - aka submitting our website to various startup related websites, blogs and so on. If you are also experienced as an internet marketer that...
  5. bbrez1

    Need a few nonautomated reddit upvotes

    I will need around 20 - 50 upvotes when a thread goes live in around 3 hours. They need to be on aged accounts. If you have aged accounts or know people with accounts and could upvote message me with your price and skype id.
  6. bbrez1

    Simple copy / paste from text files on a website

    Hello there! I will need 2 or 3 fellow BHers to basically do a few simple copy and paste tasks. I will give you a zip folder that contains a few files which you will have to open, copy all the text contained and paste it on another website. There will be around 100 files so you will have to...
  7. bbrez1

    Need a simple php login to a website

    I need a simple php login bot that will login into teespring and check if the login was successful and return the basic html of user panel. Probably 2-3 hours of work not more. Contact me with your experience and your price. Thanks!
  8. bbrez1

    Need a php developer for a simple web scraper

    Hey, I'm currently busy with some other projects so I need a fellow developers.. I need a simple web scraper coded that fetches all of the top selling items on amazon and then uses the search on another website to try and find the same items. Pretty simple. Send me your quote and some samples...
  9. bbrez1

    [Method] How to get an unlimited amount of high quality VPS servers

    Hi guys, Haven't shared any method here for a while. Felt like I needed to share this. This is seriously a huge money maker. I have stumbled upon this after running out of credit cards to use. I haven't found this shared here before but I'm sure people know about this already. You will be...
  10. bbrez1

    Best network for 3rd world countries?

    I'm currently with revenyou but they have horrible payouts for 3rd world countries. Usually only 0.01$. Looking for better options atm. Thanks
  11. bbrez1

    Need a youtube video view and like provider

    I will need a good and reliable provider of youtube video views and likes. The views don't need to be HR but it's preferred. Want someone that is available on skype for most of the time and I want fast delivery times. I will need about 500 - 1000 views per video and about 50 - 100 likes if you...
  12. bbrez1

    Anyone ever pulled the "Lorenzo Von Matterhorn"?

    What is "Lorenzo Von Matterhorn"? There is actually a longer clip but I didn't find it on youtube as it's only in other languages. Stupid translations. Also google "Lorenzo Von Matterhorn" :D Challenge accepted?
  13. bbrez1

    How I see the frontpage

    THIS PANDA IS THE END TO INTERNET MARKETING AS WE KNOW IT Better post more threads about the panda FAST! Shit we even have people signing up with nicknames similar to reputated members here! We got BassTrackerPanda, Pandarro, meatpanda1234... There is no stopping to the pandaaa. I actually...
  14. bbrez1

    Going back to fiverr after a while

    Going back to fiverr after a long time. What do you think about my gig?
  15. bbrez1

    Flippa Awesomeness - find keywords and new methods

    Ok I don't like to spoonfeed too much so I ll try not to do that here. Now if you are a total noob and this does not earn you any money in IM than most likely you will never make any. However it is not a quick money method as will take some time to rank your sites. The income potential here is...
  16. bbrez1

    Random 404 Errors

    Can some mod or admin please explain wtf is going on. I (and I bet I'm not alone) get random 404 errors on bhw mainly when I navigate to home page. The error page says "The link doesn't work! Please try your request again in a few moments..." and below the text has a link to a clickbank product...
  17. bbrez1

    [Free] 1.000.000 scrapebox blast contest

    I will be giving away 5 FREE one million scrapebox blasts to you guys. You can split it among urls and provide unlimited keywords. All you need to do is post in this thread with a reason why I should pick you (extra points if you include humour :D). I will select one winner with the best reason...
  18. bbrez1

    How many websites do you currently own?

    The title says it all. I'm curious. I currently have 7 websites - all promoting my software or services and one hobby site. It's hard to manage all of these sites at once since you can't just leave them.. that's why I'm asking: How many sites do you guys have and how much time do you spend on...
  19. bbrez1

    [WTH] A designer

    I need a designer for a smaller project. I need a custom mobile template coded. HTML5 and CSS. PM me with previous work and price.
  20. bbrez1

    Mindy4u shit thread

    First of all some of you might not take this as serious as I did but I really hate when shit like this happens. As it happened to me before. As some of you might know I made a free tool for BHW called fastvisits which is a fake visit generator. Link to official thread: So I just got this PM...