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    My 50k+/ Month from Facebook Ads Only

    .... come on dude. 200% ROI is investing $100 and getting $300 back. ROI means RETURN on investment. If you return EXACTLY your investment, your ROI = 0%. So spending $100 and making $100 is NOT 100% ROI, it's 0% ROI. Spending $100 to make $200 is a 100% ROI.
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    Quick $5 Dollars [Very Noob Friendly, Requires Bank Acc]

    Isn't this the same app promoted on another thread with fake earnings screenshots?
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    App$ = $$$$$ - Part 2

    This is genius.
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    Sharecash or Cleanfiles?

    Cleanfiles seems to be better, but I've only tried SC briefly and had good results. In the end, it's YOU that's gonna make you money, not the network you use.
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    How does ViralNova make 100k a week so much money?

    They rely heavily on arbitrage, as opposed to organic traffic. It's better for them to invest $100K with 15% profit than make 100% profit on $10K (of end revenue) worth of organic traffic.
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    Successful Teenagers in Internet Marketing? (Under 18)

    I started at 16, doing a specific type of arbitrage that unfortunately doesn't work anymore. Age really has nothing to do with it, in-fact being young is easily your biggest advantage - as you'll learn from your successes and especially mistakes much quicker. The best method that you can have is...
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    ads overlay

    If you're talking about putting ads deceptively in-front of the video to get clicks, it's as simple as using " position: absolute; .... ." I'd go with absolute because it gives your element the top z-index - and then all you have to do is set different positioning rules for common display sizes...
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    If you had $500,000 what you do with your life?

    1) Purchase a Ferrari (I'm thinking 458 spider?) 2) 50K to my parents, 25K to sister 3) Start an arbitrage / trading firm
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    I've used them as both advertiser and publisher. Satisfied with both, but watch you don't send them fraud traffic cause they will ban you really fast.
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    California, the place where the big ones reside ?

    Economies of scale perhaps?
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    Macbook Pro yes/no and why

    Macbook is ok... but for the same price (or actually a bit less) you can pick up a Surface Pro 3 which absolutely, utterly, and totally destroys the Macbook in performance, functionality, scale of useability, etc. That's my $0.02, at least. I love my Surface
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    {METHOD} I Made $875 Cash In 1 Week Using Facebook

    This is brilliant, I did something similar in the past. Love your methods cburton!
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    How To Not Look Like An IDIOT on BHW [GUIDE] - PERFECT FOR NOOBS

    This needs to be stickied for every newb to read lol
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    [Tutorial] LeapViral 30%+ ROI - Walkthrough

    Refer to the 4 attached images. I promoted overnight in America and in the UK during the evening where it's not peak hours (6HR time difference). Found out the situation with differing numbers was due to an issue with cacheing in my Firefox, not LV's fault. If I can get positive ROI I'll...
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    [Tutorial] LeapViral 30%+ ROI - Walkthrough

    I'm not sure what you're talking about? ( $6.97 * 2507 ) / 1000 = $17.474 am I wrong? Do the math. As for the other number there, I think that's an error with LV. At this point, it shows me ~$28 in earnings on top and $4.37 on the bottom... eCPM up to $9.19 though! Either way, the numbers are...
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    [Tutorial] LeapViral 30%+ ROI - Walkthrough

    Update: Still waiting on FBad Maniac or someone else to advise. I see potential for this but clearly there's something that I'm not doing right. On an $xxx Facebook ad spend, I have $17.47 in LV with a $6.97 eCPM rate (see attached image). I can attest that my eCPM went as high as $73 at one...
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    My First Amazon Check

    Congrats! Scale and repeat :)
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    [Tutorial] LeapViral 30%+ ROI - Walkthrough

    ... and this is why I generally stay on Stackthatmoney. Tommyx you're stupid bro, I just said that the method DOESN'T work and asked for clarification because I see potential for it to, based on something that I did before that doesnt work anymore! but is somewhat similar in concept, and...
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    [Tutorial] LeapViral 30%+ ROI - Walkthrough

    Great method, this is similar to something I did before and pulled a steady $220 or so a day for a few months. Here's my question: how do you keep down the ad price on Facebook? I saw on another thread claims of $15 CPM, but I'm ranging between $0.16 and $1.30 per one engagement - which is...