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  1. graphicnut

    Browser Plugin W/ Facebook Viral Ft Needed

    Has anyone got or has the base to a browser plugin which has fb features built in like post on wall, post to fan page etc. Urgent request Cheers
  2. graphicnut

    Browser Extension/Plugin Coder Needed ASAP

    As the title say's, im looking for someone who has good experience coding extensions/plugins for the major browsers. There will be a few functions like changing ads, Popping ads, Posting on fb walls etc but theres lots of ideas... If you are capable of such work, please hit me up asap via...
  3. graphicnut

    Looking for viral script or good coder to make

    As the title says! I have lots of traffic aimed at video related content. Im looking for a decent uptodate script which would aid in viraling the traffic fast. If none exist, i'd like to hire a decent coder who knows their shit! (Obviously paid well) GN (Pm ME)
  4. graphicnut

    is FB Ads with bought coupon + vcc still possible?

    bfm is a noob ;P
  5. graphicnut

    [Qn]How much does it cost to manage Facebook Ad campaign?

    I'd happily manage a campaign for you @dantek through our agency accounts. It's been our area for the last 2/3 years. Hit me up if you'd like a chat and what your wanting to achieve.
  6. graphicnut

    Viral Fb Site?

    that looks pretty neat, it aint fbuzz
  7. graphicnut

    Cloaking & QS....

    Please only people who cloak adwords answer me.. unless you have vast knowledge on Googles QS score ways Basicly I'm cloaking to different sites on my campaigns to achieve the best quality score for example "skin care" and I will look for a skin care website in search and cloak to that...
  8. graphicnut

    [JV] Adwords JV (You bring the account(s)

    DEAL CLOSED, Cheers
  9. graphicnut

    [JV] Adwords JV (You bring the account(s)

    Im having issues getting working accounts.. So if you are able to bring working accounts without fail to the table, I have working campaigns i'd like to push out. Now before anyone says are you stupid they will steal the campaign, they can carry on as theres alot more to it than just...
  10. graphicnut

    Spanish (Latin Am) To English Translator Needed

    Yeah you can try :) Whats your skype or aim pal. PM me
  11. graphicnut

    Spanish (Latin Am) To English Translator Needed

    Hit me up if you want to earn a bit of cash :) Also please nobody who uses google translator etc!
  12. graphicnut

    Seeking: PHP/HTML Coder Basic Work

    job closed
  13. graphicnut

    Seeking: PHP/HTML Coder Basic Work

    still looking
  14. graphicnut

    Seeking: PHP/HTML Coder Basic Work

    In need of a fast job, won't take long (1hr tops prob) Hit me up asap if you are free to do some work GN
  15. graphicnut

    Selling PC, Anyone Interested (UK)

  16. graphicnut

    Basic Slice & Coding Needed ASAP

    Small 1 page slice image and code up a few lines. PM me asap GN
  17. graphicnut

    Facebook dying?

    FB is dead :troll: